Collagen Lip Injections Caused Nodules

I had a lip augmentation procedure in 2000 (...

I had a lip augmentation procedure in 2000 ( 9years ago), was told the material injected was "bovine collagen".

My lips look asymmetric and contain multiple nodules that are very visible from the superficial layers of the lips. I do not know if these are granulomas or what. I would like to fix this problem already since it is really affecting my self-esteem.

I would not recommend bovine collagen injections for lip augmentation. I was told it was a temporary augmentation but I have had side effects for the past 9 years. My lips are completely disproportionate and there are nodules (granuloma-like) at the surface of my lips.

I had the procedure done to have sexier, fuller lips and have regret it ever since......

What can I do to fix my lips and remove the nodules?


Can anyone recommend what is the best and long lasting injections I should get for my fairly deep lines above my lip as well as frown lines around my mouth and the "H" line between my eyes??? I am 47 and just want to look a little less my age. I feel like I am younger and keep in shape but I wish I could work out my face like I do my body to keep in shape. But that's not realistic so if anyone has any info or comments PLEASE HELP!!!!
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I called a couple of times, and they didn't wanted to give me any information. At the time, I was young and naive and didn't know what to do. Now, I moved to another state and have not tried to call the center knowing that they wont give me that information over the phone and bc its too many years into it. I really don't know what to do. Hopefully, I can get some help in this website.
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I *think* (I'm not a doctor) you can get it biopsied to find out if it's collagen. Treatments will vary based on that.

Feel free to post any questions you have on the Doctor Q&A Forum too. They're really good about providing their opinions.

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I had it done in a spa by an aesthetician

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