Lip Drooping/Uneven Lip from Restylane

I had Restylane for the first time with a very...

I had Restylane for the first time with a very conservative and trusted doctor under whose care I have been for several years. I had an initial and follow up restylane treatment to plump up my lips.

After some minor swelling subsided, I did not have the desired increase in volume (we used it sparingly so as not to over do it), but I also noticed that one side of my lip was hanging down lower over my gum line than on the other and I also had more pronounced lines around my mouth.

I returned to my doctor and they were a bit puzzled but finally assumed I had some sort of asymmetry they did not notice before, and put some more in to even it out and give me some more volume and the lines have disappeared. When my lips are closed, they look great and symmetrical, but my upper right lip still droops down over my teeth as soon as I smile unless I really force a big smile. My dentist even noticed it when I went in for a check up.

I have waited almost a month to see if this will disappear but it is still here and I am upset as I liked my smile to begin with just wanted to see some more upper lip when I smiled.

I would not do this again as I have had some side effects I did not know were possibilities.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any recommendations?


I had it done yesterday and am very unhappy. Lumps. Not much volume and one spot is droopy as though it has none
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Yes Some time ago I had an injection to make my lips fuller only to learn it was an illegal substance that
intergrates causing it to keep growing Now
my bottom lip sags on one side making my smile crooked and it must have destroyed muscle for my lips have lost their firmnessVery unattractive Im an actress and my looks were everything to me Ive lost my confidence
Hope somthing can be done
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So sorry to see you have the same problem i have ...i had juvederm injected and it turns out i am now paralyzed left smile/lip. I look like i had a stroke and did not...i had an mri, emg and nerve conduction study...neuro doc confirmed permanent paralysis!!! I wish there was something we could do but i have exhausted myself trying to find how to fix my smile. This really takes the cake !!!!
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Name not provided

Not the provider but the treatment

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