What a Bunch of Lies and the Omission of the Post "Procedure" The Pain Was So Intense and the Results Not Worth It.

They lied about my medication, omitted the post...

They lied about my medication, omitted the post "procedure" pain, and I would never recommend this company to anyone. Still in pain and they tell me I could be for at least 6 months. My ears are tender to the touch and makes it hard to sleep as my pillow at times feels like I'm sleeping on spikes, and I have a down pillow. There before and after picture are unrealistic to say the least.

After all this reading and tons of research, I'll stay just the way life intended me to.
I felt your pain all over again, & I can't help but wonder how you could feel it was all worth it. I understand you feel better now, but go back & read what you wrote. Once the pain is gone, we really do forget it somehow.
I'm glad your happy with the results, but a REAL PLASTIC SURGEON could have done this without all the pain and post operation problems. Not being able to sleep in a bed for so long would have had me crying all day and night. I hope you would NEVER go back to these people again...I pray, you never go back again.
Thinking of you,
Any one who thinks that a REAL plastic surgeon will do it without pain and post op problems is WRONG.
Even with a REAL plastic surgeon you can have problems, still swelling, still pain, still have problems eating, sleeping etc.
I work for a plastic surgeon and have seen the problems people can have...IT IS SURGERY NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT!!!
Do research, ask the questions BEFORE you have the procedure and if it doesn't feel right, go to someone else.
Depression after surgery is common.
Wasn't it a REAL PLASTIC SURGEON who was responsible for Kanye West's mother's death???
Also my OB/GYN had a REAL PLASTIC SURGEON do her surgery and he left a fricken sponge in her forehead and she almost got septic b4 he found out the problem
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He mislead me in what he would/could do and didn't

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