Waste of Money in Nashville, TN

I had the procedure and left with scars, webbed...

I had the procedure and left with scars, webbed ear, etc., and paid extra to have the procedure done on my neck. It was a total waste of money. I look no different than I did before the procedure, except I will forever have the scars and the loan to pay off.

When I visited the doctor to ask for a refund he stated they prefer to do a second procedure. He also stated that a second procedure can be dangerous and if it did not take the first time, it will probably not take the second time around.

Now why would I want to have additional, worse scarring for no benefit. The doctor then told their corporate office that he thinks he could do another procedure. They contacted me and when I told them what the doctor said, they referred that I was lying because their doctor would not lie to them. Then proceeded to tell me the charge I would have to pay to correct their mistake.

I would have NEVER go through the pain, scarring etc. for no benefits and I would definitely not go through it a second time with the chance that it still would not work.

They seem to fail to tell you that when they taking your money.

I had the CO2 laser facial treatment two months ago and see no reduction in my wrinkles. My old skin never scabbed up or peeled off. Am awaiting my reply from LSL headquarters regarding a refund of my $1800.
Will proceed to small claims court here in FL if my money is not refunded. Please write me if you had any luck with small claims court.

Dear everybody,
Don't go to the Franklin,TN office or any other LSL office unless they are certified by the ASPS certified plastic surgeon. They are Otolaryngology surgeons going into Facial Cosmetic Surgury by taking a few hours to become eligable. They do not know what the hell they're doing and the proceedure is not new. It's old and has been dumped by reputable plastic surgeons because it is ineffective, with bad results.
call your STATE's medical Board & check out your Dr for board certifications& also any lawsuits against him/her.

Look on the website( BIO)) and (certificate) , you will see the MD license # to use. You can even do it online by finding your state's medical board. Good Luck
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My opinion is they fail to inform you that the procedure may not benefit you.

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