The Sides of my Face Looks Like Ginsu Practice Warfare

I did it to look younger. Florida the statute of...

I did it to look younger. Florida the statute of limitations to sue is 2 years. Unfortunatley I have 1 month left & lawyers saying not enough time.

The procedure was 2 hours. Parts of my face still numb yet while cutting around the second ear I felt them cutting me. It felt like they were using a scissor. They told me they were almost finished. The local anestisia was a real joke.

I have very noticable scarring and discoloration. You can see where they cut up around & down my ears. I still have itching - oh they didn't even attach my ears Back right.

The place was mobbed & they like to keep potential patients separate & away from returning patients. Since I can't name the place I will tell you this. You can see the building from I-95 near cypress exit. They are in the alpine motors jaguar building.

I can never again wear my hair i'm a ponytail - the scars are even around the hairline in the back of my head. And I also have a matching lump on both sides back there.

One dr. Was from my hometown of Staten Island New York. He told me don't worry he would take good care if me. So I had a false confidence in him.

You get what you pay for! Ignore those bullshit commercials & get yourself a private plastic surgeon!


i was going to go for the lift and neck procedure. the dr was very nice said he had 5 years in doing lifelifts his credentials looked good. but he never touched me never evaluated my skin did not show me what to expeck i would look like just seemed to echo the ads and the paperwork they cupplied initially. then gave me more infomation about the procedure which i was very concerned about. so not being a rich person and always being told i do not look my age i think i will stay away from lifelift and use my death insurance for something more pracitical. and i thank each and everyone who gave their comments and experience history. and i do agree which the last commentator i am so sorry you all had to go thru this but i think in sharing you have saved a lot of eople a lot of problems.

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I had an appointment next week for a consultation.Boy, am I glad I found this site. I will cancel and now I'm not even considering plastic surgery. Thank you to all who shared their story. I am so sorry this had to happen to you to save the rest of us. God Bless!
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Once it's in your head it's hard to just dismise it. I had turkey neck, didn't want to get dressed felt what was the use, great hair, great skin, perfect features, just saw turkey neck. Went 2 mths ago to a REAL plastic surgeon. Love it. I find it so funny that because there are so many horrible results from a factory like LSL, I read so many women say, so I'm just going to forget about it. Save a little more money, be put under and have it done. SO WORTH IT. Easily takes off a good 10 yrs., this procedure was done for decades before LSL, look at the old movie stars, they didn't go to lifestyle lift 50 yrs ago. Just saying I am so glad I had it done and I think if it bothered you before this site, it will always bother you, there are reputable drs who will see you get the best results possible with the most minimal pain possible. So worth it to me, now I look in the mirror and don't see a craggly neck, pain was minimal, follow up fantastic with a REAL plastic surgeon. Was a toss up between a new car or the neck lift I'd rather hear, you are so pretty, rather than, I love your new car. I'd rethink it if I were you. The best.
Dr frank catalfumo - lifestyle lift

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