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I had a LSL on Friday May 8th in Franklin TN. ...

I had a LSL on Friday May 8th in Franklin TN. When I first went for a consultation I was met by "Barbie" (or whatever) the sales person and was given the consultation that I am sure is pretty consistent through the clinics as they are franchised. She talked to me and two other women at the same time at first, and then took us each individually into a separate office where financials were discussed.

After she and I discussed my options, I told her that I would not make any decisions until I had met the doctor and had all my questions answered. She asked me to wait a few minutes and then the Dr. came in. He said and discussed the procedure. I asked a lot of questions. He told me that there were possible complications including numbness, scarring (ketoids?), facial paralysis etc. Although it sounded scary, I know that there are many possible complications to even the most simple procedures so I asked as to the percentage of occurance of the complications, as well as the Dr.'s personal track record of severe complications.

After feeling informed and comfortable with the Dr.'s experience and demenaner, I scheduled the procedure. He told me to please call him at any time if I had additional questions. I was very nervous before I went in as I had read this website and knew that some people had very poor outcomes, but after an additional call to the office I decided to proceed. This is not my first experience with plastic surgery (I had a blepharplasty or eye lid lift) so I was probably better prepared than someone who had never gone through a facial surgery.

I did not sleep at all during the procedure despite being orally medicated. The needles hurt when he administered the dental block. They gave me sponges to squeeze and believe me, I did my share of squeezing. After that I did not feel anything except the occassional twinge of pain, to which the dr. injected more anesthesia. My neck became sore because it was turned one way and then the other for so long (my procedure took about 75 minutes) but other than that really nothing. I talked during most of the procedure.

I was happy to have the pain medication once the anesthetic wore off. I took the percocet for 3 days and felt like staying in bed and hanging inside watching movies etc. The day after surgery I went in to the office to have my incisions seen and dressing changed. No big deal. I was given basic instruction on wound care as well as an instruction sheet. Basically neosporin, keep it clean, keep it wrapped as much as possible first week, nothing unexpected.

I had a lunch appointment the following Wednesday but had warned my lunch partner that I might not be able to make it because I was having a minor surgical procedure the Friday before. However, I felt well enough to go, did not have noticeable swelling (I could notice but others didn't) and I could hide the stitches with my hair.

I had my stitches out the following Friday. I sat in the waiting room with women waiting for their consultations and I said I had just had it done. The women were really surprised at how well I looked (please note, I ONLY had the LSL not any other procedure like lipo or eye work). I am also younger than many of the patients (mid 40's) so I probably looked younger to begin with and after the surgery than many.

Stitches out, a little ouchy, but no big deal. Pictures taken. I was advised not to smile or put an expression on just as I had when first being photographed so they could get objective before and afters.

Tomorrow will be my third week 'anniversary'. I am attaching pictures I took this morning after all sorts of requests both positive and negative. I am not swollen or bruised and have been putting neosporin on every day so as I said, my experience has been positive. I did have some bruising behind my left ear for several days, but it is gone. The clinic suggested eating a cup of fresh pineapple twice a day for a week before the surgery to minimize bruising. Wasn't sure it would work, but cut fresh pineapple every day and it seems to have helped. Even if it didn't I guess I am stocked up on Vitamin C!

I am sorry for those of you who had negative experiences. I can tell you I have had a bad experience with a doctor in the past and I know how difficult it is. Please though, do not make me the bad guy.......I am just honestly reporting my experience because I thought that was the purpose of the board. Good luck to those of you who are seeking help or recovery. I retained good counsel after my 'bad' experience and won a malpractice suit, which isn't easy to do against a world class hospital. I will never be the same as I was before the negligence, but I am alive, vibrant and grateful for all the gifts I still have including the love and support of family and friends.

I am happy to help those who want to discuss but please, you can hate the procedure, but please don't hate that I did not have the same experience. KJ

Dr. Michael Boggess

Good results, reasonable healing period, pleasant staff outside of annoying salesperson. Had to wait too long to be seen...like 2 hours late which is annoying. Oh, sorry pictures are sideways!

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I too had the LSL done at Franklin TN and had a pretty good experience and pretty good results. I am going for my 6 weeks check up in two days. I thought the doctor was very good and caring, as well as the staff. My main complaint is the deceptive advertising. It is NOT EASY, and my recovery period was the whole month of November. I had to cancel all appointments and activities, as I was very swollen, and bruised. In fact I looked like had been beat up. The advertising makes you think you could do this on your lunch hour and go back to work. HA! The first week I was in a LOT of pain. The second and third weeks I did not even feel like getting dressed or going anywhere. Its been almost 6 weeks now, and i've gotten a lot of compliments. I've been wearing a wig, however, since my scalp is very tender, and its still sore where the stiches were, and its hard to style my hair, and I'm leary of going to the beauty shop just yet, and my roots need dyed, and i'm not sure if I should put chemicals on my head. But all in all, I'd say I had a fairly good experience.
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Could you tell me who your doctor was in Franklin, TN? I have this scheduled and, after reading all this, am not really sure I want to go. I only considered it because Dr. Boggess is a reputable doctor and I would not believe that he would do this if it were not legitimate! Please let me know. Thank you.
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Hi Ladies - Thank you for sharing posts, and thanks especially to you brave souls who shared photos. I have been contemplating the LSL or equivalent, so this forum has been of interest to me. Several years ago, I had surgery to remove a "turkey wattle" neck issue. I was only in my very early 40's, but this was a hereditary thing that I had hated all my life. The results were ultimately good, and I am very glad I did it. But the initial swelling and pain were awful, and I had healing complications. It would be a good year or more before I saw the final results and all swelling went away. My jaw and neck felt uncomfortably "tight" and numb for a long time - just turning my head to change lanes while driving felt weird. I greatly hope that those of you who are stuggling through post-op swelling, lopsidedness, etc. eventually see good results. It can truly take up to a year. During the worst of my swelling, I thought I would always look horrible, and I became very depressed. My surgeon had me go through a regimen, at no cost, of high-frequency ultrasound and the use of local steroid patches while hooked up to electrodes. This accelerated the reduction of swelling, and broke up scar tissue. Those are techniques to consider for those of you who feel you got into the hands of an incompetant doc (and I HATE the medical profession. But that is another discussion...) I know it costs money, after you have already spent a mint, but just know those techniques do exist for post-op complications. Our society crushes our self esteems enough, without ruined cosmetic surgery compounding the matter. Needless to say, having another procedure done is not something I will take lightly, so I am glad for all of you who have contributed. I am now 50, and my inhereted jowls are getting "jowlier" (I inhereted all sorts of great things... lol...) I wish some of you who had good results would post photos - it seems the ladies who had complications have been the only ones to post photo-documentation. Take care all, Shelli

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Hi, noticed that you took your contact me off, so I will try here. I would like to know how you are doing and how your recover is to date. Your last post said you felt stitches poking through, did you get that resolved. Just checking on you, hope you are doing well. Best, Chrystal Eckes
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Do you have any full face photos? I would like to see the results before and after.
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Thats nice of you to check in! I am doing fine. Scars around ears are still sensitive and somewhat uncomfortable if I sleep on them at night. It has been just over 4 weeks now, so my check-up is in another week or so. On both ears I feel like I have a stitch poking through, which I was told could happen. My left ear sometimes drips a bit of blood where that stitch is, but it isn't a big enough deal to go in before my next appointment (yet). I went on vacation last week to the beach so had to be really careful to constantly put on sunscreen on the incision areas. Will they give me my before and after pictures at LSL? If so, I would be happy to share them with you. Hope you are doing at least a little better. Let me know. KJ
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Hey, they probably will give you your pictures. Try to get them to email them to you because they are so much better than the ones they print off the printer in the office. Sorry to hear about the stitch, better that though than something worse. They can probably fix that real easy. I am glad you are doing well. Best, Chrystal
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How is your recovery going and are you still happy? Let us know how you are doing. Best, Chrystal
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Kimberly.....it was your tone which was a bit nasty .....so people were just striking back. I see your earlobes have also been sewn onto your face. I am amazed at how many small details you are able to recall..... I was "happy" with the actual look of the lift after a few wks...but when the numbness, combined with itching and pain all around the ears got worse at months 5-6 and the jowls started to loosen, it slowly sunk in that this was not worth the money spent. By the way, do you mind recommending your attorney to those of us interested in suing LSL? Thanks!
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Her tone seemed fine to me. She was just reporting the facts.
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Kimberyly, glad you posted. Mid 40's is very young for having such a procedure. I would have to question how much "restoration" you would need in your mid 40's. Just a point, don't shoot the messenger. Again, I will say, glad you had a good experience. Let me quote what a very qualified doctor has to say about the One Hour Quickie Lifts AKA Lifestyle Lifts: You maybe happy with the info, you may not be happy with the result: Don't get "Shamwowed" Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Answer by Stephen Prendiville, M.D. Ft. Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon I am happy that this patient has raised a point about one of the strengths of Lifestyle Lift: the marketing and sales pitch. I would like to remind this patient of one basic concept: if performance of a unique, revolutinary procedure was feasible "in about an hour", don't you think every Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and every Board Certified Plstic surgeon would be doing it? I would certainly prefer if I was able to get the same results in 1 hour as I do in 3-4 hours ( typical for my facelift procedures). However, it just isn't technically possible to perform the necessary steps for a facelift and get good results in this time frame. Secondly, I would like to ask anybody to do a PubMed search on the founder of Lifestyle Lift (David M Kent DO) and look at what his contribution to the literature on facelift has been. I couldn't find anything. The point is that Lifestyle Lift is not a revolutionary procedure, because there is no published surgical breakthrough to the technique. Lifestyle Lift is a marketing company, and a very good marketing company; the equivalent of a Hair Club for Men. The results I have personally seen and those comments/ photos posted on the internet are not results I would want representing my work. Don't get "Shamwowed"! THANK YOU Stephen Prendiville, M.D for being so honest with your answer. I wish there were more doctors like you that are not afraid of the LSL spin mill. So Kim, I hope you continue to be happy with your lift, that it lasts for you. Best, Chrsytal
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