Please Listen to the People on Here! My Mother Wouldn't Listen & Has Severe Problems Now.

Please listen to these people about this being a...

Please listen to these people about this being a scam! My mother has horrible scars from this & her ears are numb. She also has severe pain constant pain. These doctors know that what they are doing is wrong!

We are going to attorney this week. This procedure was beyond a nightmare for her & they will pay for they did to her.

It is 2010 March......LSL never did come to Hawaii.
Thank u for all that posted andd im sorry to hear all the bad news, I hope the best for you all.

P.S maybe you should post the name of the Dr and also their location so people would know who these people are and hopefully say away from them.
I met with the Dr. in Ft Myers Fl office this week I was going to have it done but after reading all these horror stories I think not thank you and good luck to all of you please email me
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