My Doctor in Atlanta Did a Great Job!

I had my lifestyle lift done in Atlanta on Sept....

I had my lifestyle lift done in Atlanta on Sept. 2, 2009. The procedure took one hour and I felt no pain only pressure. My Doctor was great, she talked to me the whole time and her nurse was wonderful. The most uncomftrable thing was the wrap they put on my head for the first 24 hours and that was removed the next day.

I saw the results immediately!!! I am 53 years old and have been told that I look 40!!!!

There is some numbness around the ear area, but I was told about this by my Doctor before the procedure. I followed all instructions about how to sleep and I had no problems.My skin is smooth and youthful looking!!!

Thank you


Would like to know if any one out there has used Anderson South Carolina Lifestyle lift facility?
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NY State attorney general sued LSL and won an admission of guilt and $300,000 fine by the company for asking and encouraging their employees to send positive reviews to various review sites-although they never had any procedures.
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I have been considering this procedure for a couple of years, but just recently started to research online. I am a little more cautious now after reading the reviews.
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Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

My Dr.treated me like a friend and not a number or patient. She has wonderful credentials and I would refer anyone to her.

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