I had this procedure for my sagging jowls.. I...

I had this procedure for my sagging jowls..

I don't recommend it for anyone unless you're prepared for lots of pain. They make it sound so simple when in fact it's a major surgery. They don't tell you your ears will be severed almost all the way around. They use stitches that DO NOt dissolve so you end up with bumps all under your skin. They don't tell you you'll have nerve damage around your ears and they treat you terrible if you have to go back and have something addressed that went wrong. After 3 procedures they won't even acknowledge my presence.

When you watch the videos prior to the procedure your left with the impression it's only a hour away and you can return to work very quickly. They DON'T tell you everything they will do because if they did, Absolutely noone would sit in that chair awaiting the shots they give you so you don't feel what they do, a bandage goes around your face and when it's removed it's then and only then do you realize this is a major surgery you didnt expect. This is not worth waisting money..

Life Style Lift gone wrong. There will be no compensation or help getting the damage repaired ONLY if you choose to pay anothe surgeon. Go to a reputable plastic surgeon! May cost you a little more BUT they know what they're doing. These doctors are solicited thru the board of medicine and most are ENT's praticing this procedure a few days a week to make some extra dollars with no worries about law suits. They will lie in a heartbeat to save the company from a lawsuit. Believe me. I KNOW....

I should add my first procedure was done in...

I should add my first procedure was done in February 2008 Again in May 2008 and last in January 2009. There is a lot of nerve damage to my ears and the bumps under my skin will not go away on there own. I will need t have them removed at some point. I'm doing everything possible to get LSL to pay for the damage.

I had mine done in March of 2013. There is a difference of my neck. I do have nerve damage, tingling in my neck and about 1 inch inside my face. I had mine done in St. Louis. and yes I was awake and I did feel everything. My issue is that my blood pressure rose so high, that the Dr. had to close me up fast and I did not get the laser treatment. As I was taken into the "Back Area" with a person taking my blood pressure and telling me I cant go home as it was dangerously high. So they gave me medication to help, but I was so nervous and overwhelmed with the procedure...It did not surprise me about the blood pressure. I have called both the office and corporate with negative results. I want a reimbursement for a procedure I did not get bu they wanted the money upfront. It is obvious to me that I am asking the impossible.
Isn't the office way more expenive? My mom and I got a better deal two people get more off. Get him early at office second or third person he does.I truely love my surgery resuse. It's been eight months and finally my face feels good to the touch for a long time it's feels different like tingle or lack of feelings. Not sure. Good luck.
I am considering a LSL in Tampa. I want to request Dr. Swerdloff, I see he also has his own pratice. Is it best to go to LSL or his pratice? Does anyone know if he is cheaper at LSL, and how good is he? His credentials look impeccable. These negative stories are scaring me.
If anyone has used him please let me know.

Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon

Did'nt follow thru with his promises to remove a scar he left on the side of my face. Untruthful about why the scar happened.. Problems in the office with getting in to see the Doctor.

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