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I was a fat kid and young adult, but I've...

I was a fat kid and young adult, but I've spent years working to remain at a healthy weight with a healthy lifestyle. But, I couldn't stop gravity. My face looked old and tired.

I saw ads for Lifestyle Lift - and began my research. I came to this site first and was disheartened to see the negative comments - so I kept researching - especially the surgeon. Plastic susrgery is, after all, all about the surgeon! I checked him out on an independent .gov website and found he was board certified and never had to pay out anything in malpractice.

Everyone was very nice and professional at Lifestyle. I spoke to a consultant first, then I spoke to the doctor a week before my procedure. I opted for the optional neck lift as well. The doctor explained everything he would do - and reminded me that this was real sugery and therefor I had to expect some recovery time.

anyone have any idea what the 1st step to a lawsuit would be? I too had a night mare with these incompetent people and would like to do something and not let them get away with this.
Yes, cutting the top of your ear to the bottom, going backwards & up the ear again. Lots of painful needles, smell of burning flesh, hearing everything so close to your ears. Swelling, bruising. I would have rather been put out had I known this was what they were going to do.I was told a small incision in the fold of my ears.It is not small at all, in my opinion.It lasted about 6-7 months tops& I have a swen earlobe (to my face) and nerve damage. Constant pain. Just awful. Good Luck w/ whatever you decide, just check out your Doc carefully
Can't anynone say exactly what they did? Was there any type of laser involed? Was it threads? Was it just cutting and resewing like a traditional face lift.

I was asked to post photos after 3 months - these...

i was asked to post photos after 3 months - these are 8 months after my Life Style Lift. Yes, there has been some relaxing (which I was told would happen - darn gravity!) but, my face now has my shape without the original extra sagging. I'm still very, very happy I had this procedure.

I was asked to send after-photos after 3 months -...

I was asked to send after-photos after 3 months - well, these photos are 8 months after my Life Style Lift. Although there has been some relaxing of the skin (which they said would happen since gravity & aging doesn't stop with any procedure)- I am still VERY pleased with the results.

I had posted an "after" picture on my 1 year anniversary of the procedure - it used to be here - I don't know what happend to it...too bad - you could've seen for yourself how, although it relaxed - it still looked really good!
Yes, I'm still happy with the results - it's been nearly 18 months since the procedure. Unfortunatly, gravity never goes away - so I do have some relaxing of my face (which I was told would happen) - but, I still look like I did 10 years ago! For me - well worth it.
Thank you for your helpful post. I have a consult in Burlington, MA coming up, and have been alarmed by the number of negative comments.
I have already been to a local plastic surgeon, and he doesn't do mini-lifts, only full face lifts at an astronomical cost. I am 48, and simply have a fat face, which has only gotten worse with age. I need neck lipo (which the doctor here in Maine will do for $6500, but no skin tightening or removing, and with an eyebrow lift, which I don't want nor do I think I need.)
Anyway, I appreciate your comment and advice, and will research the surgeon thoroughly before making my final decision.
You look fantastic! I'm hoping you're still satisfied with the results.
Dr. James C. Alex

I checked him out at: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine Online Services which is independent of Lifestyle Lift. His credentials are spotless!

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