Age 59, Sagging Chin - Don't Do It, Pay the Extra and Get It Done Right!

I normally heal fairly well,they falsely tell you...

I normally heal fairly well,they falsely tell you that you can go back to work in as little as a week,maybe if your in a closet.

I needed to looker a bit younger mostly under my chin area, aat age 59.

I could not and would not tell anyone to do this procedure the doctor and the customer service was awful very unprofessinal. And when I went back for the follow up visits the waiting room was filled with un-happy clients,there is a reason why you enter & exit differene doors for folow ups,think about it. They have admitted that my procedure is not done correctly and have told me to come back in............but I'm afaid to go back what if they screw my face up more.

please email me and I will send you the class action law suit.

Was curious to read about real patients. The end results of the surgical stories here have shown me I would never consider Lifestyle as an option. There is a saying "let the buyer beware". Surgery is a very serious step and some of these surgeons obviously are not qualified Board Plastic Surgeons. I work in the legal field and recommend that instead of complaining and whining to these quacks and their staff you get yourself a GOOD attorney (you can hire an attorney on contingency) to get some satisfaction (and some money to rectify the damage.) Yes you may have signed an arbitration agreement but that only binds you from going to court (and even that can be broken) - YOU CAN SETTLE / FILE A LAWSUIT AND COLLECT DAMAGES IN ARBITRATION... So stop whimpering and take action.
I truly understand your distress for I am in the same boat as you; not only do I have painful and ugly scars but hearing on right side has been affected, my right side eye pressure has gone up and my eye doctor specialist has not been able to bring pressure down with proper medication. My so called surgery consisted of neck lift and eyelid lift. After procedure in December 2008, my neck looks exactly the same as it was before procedure so do the eyelids. This major flop was performed at the new york facility. After looking at the results the person in charge agreed that my complaints were very much warranted and promised to report it to the main office. I have been waiting for the results to no avail; i have been given excuses after excuses. I had told them that all i wanted was reimbursement of monies paid by me and that they settle the account with the credit card agency that financed the rest. I have lost my job and cannot in any way continue nor do I want to pay for something that was not done. The lady said she totally understood and I will get an answer soon. She took new pictures of scars, sagging neck and droopy eyelids and promised to send them inmediately. I am still waiting but also considering taking them to court. places like this should not be allowed to go untouched when they don't deliver what they promise. I am still in horrible paid even after all this time and sometimes it fees as if a million needles were stabbing my ears all at once. I would very much like to pursue a class action because I am sure we can overcome this and be properly reimbursed for our money and also punitive charges. If I don't get a satisfactory solution before the end of this month I will proceed. Any or all of you are welcome to join. I don't believe anyone needs to travel to do this. please let me know. Many thanks Fanny

Please just remember don't believe what they...

Please just remember don't believe what they tell you about the results and also remember the facts, pictures on the office walls and commericals are touched up, airbrushed and many are employees and relatives, which they do not tell you or would abmit to, of course because they want you to believe that your a great canidate and you can expect great results....what a crab of bull.  Totally false advertisiting.  I'm a real LSL person, with nightmares and a lot of disappointment.  Like they say............a picture is worth a million bucks!

my husband had the lifestyle lift done at the Maitland facility, he also had the sagging jowels done. This was in April 2010 and he loves the results. The staff was very kind and professional. The first day there was alot of pain and siscomfort and w were worried and called the doctor at like 11:30 at night. the staff took a message and the doctor personally called back within 10 minutes. Would definately recommend this. I myself have just scheduled my appointment to have my lower eyes done in October. Looking forward to it.
I wish I'd read all these reviews prior to having this done. I also had mine in Maitland, Florida and it's now turned into a real nightmare. Please get in touch with me via email. Get in touch with Todd Urich at eyewitness news, He's trying to put a story together about this procedure and how your mislead about the procedure and the results. I actually had the full procedure 3 times in less than a year. The doctor kept lying to me about what he was going to do. All started about 3 months after the 1st procedure when a stitch came undone causing one side of my face to fall. At that time he told me it would take 20 minutes to repair it and ended up doing the full thing again while I was in lala land from taking a few of the pills they provide. A few days after that, my face was pulled so tight it caused the skin to lieterally peel off the side of my face. When I went back with this problem He says No Problem, I can fix that. Well I ended up in that chair again 6 months later to get the scar fixed and AGAIN while I was in lala land he did the full procedure and the scar is STILL big as before. Now they will not Acknowledge I even exsist. No attorney will take the case because they Doctered my records to make it appear it happened because of my smoking. I'm very angry about this whole situation and I want them to acknowledge what they're doing is unethical for most people. My story will appear on the news with or without other people but it sure would help if I could find more like yourself who went through this and can honestly say I'm telling the truth.. I posted most of my story with some pics of my face after the 3rd time around. I have bumps all under my skin and white, sort of like pimples which are very visable. My ear feels frozen 24/7, can't wear earings and can't even think about pulling my hair away from my face.

Please do not go to Lifestyle lifts...I had the procedure in April this year and was very unhappy. My daughter and son also went in the same week we were all unhappy..the Dr. wanted to re do all 3 of us I refused,my daughter refused but my son was so bad he decided to have his re done and still looks the same...I have been after them since then. my chin looks the same and my ears are stitched to my head. I have been writing everyone I can to get them stopped from all the lies they give you. I just had a local TV station want to do an interview today with us and will air in Feb. I signed a class action law suit and a personal one with an attorney. If you want to have work done go to a plastic surgeon and get reference.It might be more money but at least it will be right. I paid $6,300 and have nothing to show for it...BJ Gawle.


Just a update for all to know. It has now been two...

Just a update for all to know. It has now been two years for me and I am still in discomfort, scares not gotten any better, nightmares, panic attacks.

To let everyone know I am coming up to my two year...

To let everyone know I am coming up to my two year mark of to when I had my procedure done. And I still have discomfort, intching around the clock and again I had no results after the swelling went down just scaring and a lot of regrets. I should have paid more attention to my feeling and the red flags.

Just for everyone information they are being investigated by the Attorney General's office.
Please feel free to get the word out to other consumers since an investigation involving LSL is published on the Attorney General's website.
Linda L.M

Everyone who is unhappy with your Lifestyle Lift...

Everyone who is unhappy with your Lifestyle Lift needs to know that the Attorney General of Florida is doing a investagation on them and feel free to e-mail me for the information or go to {edited} to tell your story of dissatifaction with there lies and misleading outcomes.

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Linda, how are you doing now??? I haven't heard from you in a while and would like to know how you are doing now. Hope all is well with you, Best, Chrystal.
Please don't do it......believe what we are telling you...we know first hand.
Dr.Bernard Pacella

He was so un-professional telling me his personal problems, how he lived in Jacksonville, Fl. and that his wife and him was having problems and that he was quiting his position there, that this was his last day there, loud music playing,laughing and conversations going on while my procedure was going on, like I said very unprofessinal. I e-mail the office with my dissatifaction but no one never reply.

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