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Latisse Gives You FULLER and LONGER Lashes! - Boston, MA

PROFILE: 24 year old Asian female with short short...

PROFILE: 24 year old Asian female with short short eyelashes. I've tried it all - from fake eyelashes, to those Korean eyelash extensions, to eyelash perms (which worked the best for its price) - but nothing ever really worked. The eyelash perms were really good because it kept my lashes curled for 4 weeks. But perming them didn't make the lashes any longer; they were still short and scarce.


1. Easy to use - Applied once a night right before bed

2. Really does work - I definitely have noticeable longer and fuller lashes, after just one month of use


1. Expensive $$$ - $120 and not covered under insurance because its cosmetic* (I have gone back to my PCP doctor for my 2nd month supply, but I asked for a generic brand that's insurance covered, called Lumigan - which is suppose to have the same effect. Check back later for updates on that)

2. Small supply - the box it comes in is quite big. But after you take out all the brushes (which all aren't necessary), the Latisse bottle itself is super small

I haven't noticed any of the side effects that were spoken of: eye color change or darkening of the eyes. The only thing I might have faced is some morning red eye (which I fix with some Visine). But I'm not sure if its from my daily contact/make-up usage or what. I think I'll continue to use this product because I'm happy with the results. Let's see how the Lumigan product goes!

I'm still using Latisse today - not daily like...

I'm still using Latisse today - not daily like before, probably about 1-2 times a week. My lashes are still longer and fuller than when I first started. The bottles were going to quick and I almost felt like my lashes were at its max at one point so I decreased the usage to every other day and slowly used it less. The pro to this is that I save on bottle cost. The con is that I don't think Latisse has a good shelf life because it isn't as effective after 60 days. I had one bottle that I saved for 3 months and it made my eyelids very itchy and red. I contacted a Latisse doctor and she recommended I get a new bottle (which they covered) and I've been trying to use it up within 2 months instead.

I have not gone back to the generic Lumigan brand because I didn't think it was as effective as Latisse.

If you join their Insider Club, there is a $20 discount for your next prescription.

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Called my PCP doctor and requested she call my local (CVS) pharmacist to place the Latisse prescription.

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