Latisse for Completely BALD Eyelids!!!

I just started Latisse 4 days ago and I have ZERO...

I just started Latisse 4 days ago and I have ZERO eyelashes.. My lids are completely 100% bald!!! Im not sure why but it might have to do with Lupus.... Anyway, Ive noticed many of you with pictures already had such full pretty lashes (im so jealous) But my question is if any of you started out with bald eyelids like me? & If so did you get a good result?

one of the PRECAUTIONS AND CONTRAINDICATIONS given to me by Victoria Park is that you should not use LATISSE if "You have no visible eyelashes. Your physician will consider any underlying conditions to determine whether this product is appropriate for you". Hope that helps save you wasted money!

I used Latisse for 5 months. I had bald spots on both upper lids. The lashes that were still there got darker and longer however the bald spots never filled in. This was not the look I was hoping for. I hope you are finding more success.
Oh YES ...keep us posted Msmjj ! Also ohjeez ...I TOO had completely bare spots in my lash line which is totally gone now after about 8 weeks using Latisse. Also I AM using on my brows which were very sparse as well ...I see a ton of new hairs there , but they are not all dark ...will take care of those baby's next time I color my hair ..giggle. I feel so blessed to have found this product ! Merry Christmas !!!
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Very helpful & thorough in explanation...

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