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I didn't have the Lasik procedure done, but a...

I didn't have the Lasik procedure done, but a similar laser surgery here in Canada where the eye isn't cut (thus called no-touch). Much the same as Lasik and the results are fabulous. Had only my right eye done to see for distance and still maintain my reading vision in my left. Sounds weird I know, but the best of both worlds for sure!

It was done 5 years ago and still going strong. I am starting to lose my reading vision in my left eye as I'm 51, so considering having the left eye done and then just buying really nice reading glasses :)


"No-touch" is a misnomer, and somewhat misleading. You may have had a trans-epithelial surface ablation, which I stopped performing a decade ago, because the laser doesn't remove the epithelium that cleanly, since the beam gets tangential in the corneal periphery, leading to residual epithelial in the periphery, which you then have to manually scrape off, making it a PRK, which is somewhat painful and has long healing.

You may have had an Advanced Surface Ablation, or ASA, which is what I do now exclusively, as the epithelial removal is much cleaner.

I do recommend ReadingVizion or our trademarked brand of monovision for all patients over 45, it works great, and I had that done myself.

Hopes this helps your and everyone's understanding of the different procedures available!
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