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I've had two treatments so far... I pay $500...

I've had two treatments so far... I pay $500 per visit without a contract, which I like. I don’t want to waste my money on packages that I don’t see any results. So far, I haven't and I don’t know if I can handle doing five as recommended for my scarring. This laser treatment is no spa soothing experience... this is a painstaking one hour or so of hardcore pain tolorance. I busted into tears on my 1st session... I had to stop midway to contain myself.

This time around - I took a sedative and although I could still feel the sting. It wasn't as bad as the 1st time. For the money and the pain - I hope I see great results. Otherwise, I will write a letter to the manufacturer and Oprah about the procedure that was televised as nearly painless and amazing! I can deal with anguish and agony of it all - if I get the results as promised!

Apparently, I need to wait 2-4 months after my last treatment to see the drastic results! lol

Perhaps, they see desperation in folks like me and that's how they get away with charging us a large sum of money and endure such severe in hopes of possible results. Think about it... only my vanity is keeping going for more.

You be the judge... check out my pics and let me know your thoughts.

This time around - I was prepared for the pain. I...

This time around - I was prepared for the pain. I was prescribed pain & relaxer along with blockers administered around my main facial nerves. Although, this was my painless treatment from all others... I don't think my skin got as red nor were the grids on my face got as prominent. Apparently, Lisa, Matrix RF Master Tech used (14 Jewels) one of the highest levels. I guess I need to wait and see the results. It generally takes about 3wks after the procedure to see a difference. I'll keep you posted. So far, I've had a lot of comments from folks asking what am i doing to smooth out my face. The word is that I look about 5yrs younger!  

I took a look at your pictures after the third treatment. First without any topical anesthetic it can be a painful procedure. Typically I use a topical anesthetic such as lidocaine and BLT. Just with the use of the topical anesthetic it is a very tolerable procedure. I also give people who have a low tolerance for pain an oral pain medication and sedative. The second thing to be aware of is the settings they used. The higher the settings the more ablation which occurs and the more results you get. Third, looking at your pictures for the third procedure (if it was the same day) there does not appear to be a uniformity to the grid marks. Basically, the entire face should be red and the grid marks should lay next to each other. I am sorry you had a bad experience. Matrix RF has a place in facial resurfacing especially someone with darker skin, such as Fitzpatrick IV to VI. At the heart of any ablative procedure whether it is laser based or Matrix RF is the controlled wounding of the skin to allow it to heal and the scars to fill in with collagen to smooth out the skin texture. The best results are at 6 months after and evidence suggests collagen remodeling continues to 1 year. Any technology is as good as the technique. Also Matrix RF may not be aggressive enough for deepers scars which may required treatment with a CO2 laser or an modified erbium such as Cutera's Pearl Fractional.
i'm so sorry to hear about your experience. As you my 1st time - i bursted into tears from the pain and agony. On the second treatment, i felt like pushing the tech away from my face and walking out several times. then, i asked about taking painkillers and they agreed to prescribe them for me. for the anxiety part - (racing heart before & after 5-10m of Valium took care of it) for the pain - well, i'm allergic to everything but water (kidding) i took 1 viacodin 1/2 hr prior treatment - another afterwards. Once, i got home (i took another 5m valium to go to sleep and help me stop starring at my face for the evening). Plus, i negotiated to pay as i went... I believe practices make you pay upfront because they know folks cant tolorate the pain. I hope you fight for your money back - because they dont disclose the truth of the severity of the pain during the session. I believe that they minimize the experience to do whatever it takes to get your money upfront.
I just goggled 'rf matrix pain' and found you. I just did this for the first time. Half way through, I was crying and shaking uncontrollably out of pain and fear. It was so painful and I would NOT advise my worst enemy to do this. I cringed when I saw you did it on your neck, too. I paid $3000 for 3 treatments and I'm ready to donate $2000 to exit out. 2 days later I'm still in panic mode & my heart races at the thought of doing it again. What pain killer did you use??! My skin is like yours. In my worst acne years I had cystic acne and took accutane. My face would bleed with a smile and people would ask if I was burn victim. Its' best to start loving myself as I am and know that my scars make me different for a good reason.

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Thanks for sharing your story! I signed up for a 3 treatment pkg. of the Matrix RF and after 2 treatments wanted to kick my Nurse's butt! I quit b4 the 3rd treatment. I did it more for preventative wrinkles and it left my formally smooth skin thicker (maybe som one out there wants that), left me with pores that I never had and left me with a texture close to that of an orange peel(but not quit as bumpy). I hated my results! I don't think it is a treatment for a young skinned individual like us, but more for someone that has sagging aged skin like a Grandparent. At least the b/4 and after photos I saw where of an elderly women - so that makes me believe that for any results you need to have skin like that to start with. I hope today your skin is better. For me, I am slowly trying to do light glycolic peels often to get my smooth texture back and possibly I'll do a TCA peel.


Thank you for all the informaton provided. Is anyone familiar with Affirm laser?
Bottom line really is that few.... And I mean very few ppl have adverse results, certainly not enough to warrant scare tactics by people who are petrified by anything that carries any sort of risk. Ive spoken to laser techs who have done thousands of trt in all laser modalities and have never seen problems with fat loss (which is what we were didcussing).... Other than from Thermage (high setting or earlier models). Getting in our car every day carries risk but the benefits outweigh the limited risk. Such it is with other things in life. Nothing is risk free and life shouldnt be about perpetuating fear in others. Im all for research but dont forget to include the success stories and keep the fear factor in check.
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Not until i see great results for the pain and money paid...

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