Burnings on my Face After Laser Therapy (Iran)

To get rid of some unwanted hair round my chin and...

To get rid of some unwanted hair round my chin and neck,three days ago I had laser therapy and after that all these round burnings which resembles bruises appeared on my face,has not changed ever since.I am using zinc oxide and hydrocortisone on them all the time.They are so dark that even cosmetics can't conseal them.

I had recently taken roaccutane capsules for acnes and it had resulted a perfect,shiny,spotless skin.Still I am takin it twice per week.I did not remind my laser therapist this very fact though.Could it have anything to do with laser burns?

Almost two month ago,I had laser treatment on the same areas and told my derm all about the capsules.She said there would be no problem to get laser.I did it and it was really safe and painless,yet too costly.So I decided to go for another clinic which was more reasonable and this time felt no need to talk about roaccutane.

Mind you that I have had laser therapy with the second dermatologist many years ago and it was always safe.So,I perfectly trusted her.She suggested she was using high energy laser to achieve better results!Alas,not a very good one though!

Do these burnings hopefully fade away?do they...

do these burnings hopefully fade away?do they remain some spots?how can I reduces the chances of getting brown spots?how about Roaccutane?should I blame myself for not having told my laser therapist about them?Since I am still using Roaccutane twice a week,could it help the burnings to fade away more quickly?

The medication you were on could definately have caused this. It is a iight sensitive medication and would possibly react with the laser. Disclose all medications to your laser technician and also let your doctor know you were getting the laser. If this medication compromises your immune system and ability to heal you may be stuck with these unsighlty marks for awhile. Good Luck.
actually I beg to disagree, laser may respond the fastest on fair skin, but statistically, fair skinned people are more prone to the burning/itching etc problems. I have personally seen many such cases. The thickness of the skin also creates a discretion. While its true that patients on isotretinoin are strictly forbidden from laser treatments. Let me add here that I am one rare patient who did undergo laser while on isotretinoin and did not experience any burning/itching/redness or swelling. It was a pristine experience which is very RARE and should not be taken as an example. Most importantly, this is a public forum, I am sure the poster isn't the only one looking for opinions and others will surely benefit from it!
That last statement is incorrect. Ivory skin is not at higher risk than Pakistani skin. Lighter skin is actually the safest skin type to laser. This has nothing to do with her skin type...it is bc of the accutane. And this post is 2 years old so I'm sure the original poster is no longer looking for opinions.
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I think all in all laser is safe,but the degree and the type does matter.

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