Skin Incredibly Itchy After Laser Hair Removal Please Help

Pleaseeee Help!I had Laser hair removal for the...

Pleaseeee Help!

I had Laser hair removal for the fourth time and for the first time my skin is incredibly itchy. I cant stop scratching my arms legs and bikini zone where i got treated. This has not happened with my previous sessions and its the same lady using the same machine. She uses Candela Gental lase.

My skin feels tight and its severly itchty! I have applied ice packs,hydrocortisone cream,neosposin cream and yogurt to areas everything is temporary and wont help. im going on my third day of nonstop itching. WHATS HAPPENING PLEASE HELP!

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I used no no hair remover on my face for some reason my neck itches like crazy and not my face, is anyone having this reaction?
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This can be caused from being allergic to the dead hair follicle. Some patients may experience this in varying degrees. You can try an anti histamine prior to your next treatment.
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My skins itches like heck about 2-3 days after each treatment. My skin is almost raised like hives. It only lasts about a week, but then it goes away. I showed it to my derm, but she assured me there was nothing to worry about.
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Also, stop putting so many different chemicals and cortisones on there. You should not mix so many chemicals on your skin, especially after treatment! Stick to a gentle, exfoliating and moisturizing body wash.
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Did it immediately start itching afterwards, or after a few days? It may be that there is ingrown hair which is having trouble coming out. Are you exfoliating your skin? After 1-2 days of getting treatment, you should start exfoliating with a gentle oatmeal scrub, or even a gentle salicylic acid wash. This helps with removing the dead skin cell layers, and helps with ingrown hairs.
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