Burned Removing Hair - Albuquerque, NM

I went in July 17,2009 and had did it to remove...

I went in July 17,2009 and had did it to remove hair and now left with white scars that may never go away. I would never go back.

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On July 17, 2009 I went and got laser hair removal...

On July 17, 2009 I went and got laser hair removal on my legs. I was tanned on my legs so she should have not did the procedure but she did. It did hurt more then the first time I did it but I thought it was me. When she was done my legs felt like they were on fire. I was left with a redish dark crust and then the skin peeled and left me with white fish scale hypopigmentation that I am told is vitiligo, I can't wear shorts or take the kids swimming.

If anyone know of anything I can do to make this better I would appreciate the advice because I have been crying and depressed since it has happened.


I had the same experience on my shoulders. I am usually pale skinned, but had a slight tan when i had the laser leaving me with white spots. Once everything healed & settled, I exposed my shoulders to the sun. It tanned normally and when the tanned faded the white scaring disappeared.
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Omg poor u!! They should have told u to b extra careful w the sun during hair removal. That's y it's always a good idea to do it in the winter. She should have known that. If u tan it will burn ur skin. Anyway I'm not sure as to fix it but until then u can get spray tan to hide it that way you wear shorts in the summer. Maybe try scare treatments like the silicon or laser
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