I Have a Rock Hard Sexy Abs After my Tummy Tuck

I had tummy tuck and muscle tightening. After...

I had tummy tuck and muscle tightening. After having two babies and after losing all of my pregnancy weight I still had stretch marks and extra skin. Now I have sexy flat rock hard abs and best of all the stretch marks are gone.The recovery was painful but it was worth it, I would do it all over again in a heart beat. I was so insecure about myself, I wouldn't even change my close in front of my husband and now I walk around without anything on to show off my rock hard abs.I'm sooooooooooooo happy with the results, my stomach looks better than before I had kids, Thanks to my PS!!:-)


I cannot see the recent pics/ It says they were updated can u post them somewhere or send em to my email? cnnmongirl@yahoo.com thanx
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Hi blackrainbow,

HAPPYLV removed her photos in her latest update (November). Hopefully she will share them privately.


Hi lct, No, I didn't have hardness in my pubic area. Dr. Hankins gave me a scar kit with silicon sheet to place it on my scar and cream and it worked really good. You are in the healing process, you need to give yourself more time to heal to see the final results. Good luck and keep me posted.:)
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Dr. H is the best PS in Vegas. He is so caring,so professional and he takes a very good care of his patients and his results speaks louder than any words...Bambi is his nurse and OMG!!! she is so wonderful,loving, caring and so patiance & passionate. Bambi & Dr. H took very good care of me throughout the whole process...Dr H deserves more than 5 stars. All of his staff are so professional and they answerd every question I had, no matter how many times I've called them; they were so nice, caring and always answered all of my questions and best of all Dr H gave me my confident back. Thank you soooooo much Dr. He will be my PS for all of my future surgeries. I do recommend him to everyone thinking about getting a plastic surgery, I even recommended him to my family, friends and to everyone I know.

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