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LUMPS Are a Terrible Side Effect of RADIESSE

Too expensive, not FDA approved, too many possible...

Too expensive, not FDA approved, too many possible side affects and not a lot of improvement in the desired area. Actually in some areas my face looks worse because of where the product settled. The lumps are VERY noticeable and I can not afford surgery to remove them and heard that may the only way to get rid of them!

My procedure was "Supervised" by 2 manufacturers Reps and even they couldn't make sure I had a good job.

Can anyone tell me what solution they have on actually removing bumps left from Radiesse? I had a very inexperienced doctor do my injections 6 weeks ago and am left with pea size lumps, 3 are along the jaw line and very hard and noticeable. HELP! Dr. Hansen mentions in one of his replies that after a while one doesn't notice. I don't believe this to be true.
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Waiting to see how the doctor will correct the problem.

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Why would you go to a very inexperienced doctor to do anything to your face. And manufacturers reps in the room , they may have been a 3 hour class that the doc used to learn the technique. Ya know all on this forum who have problems did so because they did not have an experienced doctor do it. I am sorry but they are to inject it almost subdermally and smooth it out it is like glue it spreads but not apart. I am sorry but you have to have people who know what they are doing do any of these procedures. I have a board certified certified surgeon who even gives all fillers and Botox I love Radiesse , it has lasted more then 2 years for me. I had it under my eyes and check bones it is great. It also is not the filler of choice for nasalabial folds more for boney areas.That is Juvederm...You get what you pay for and you got bumps from letting someone practice on you.
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Radiesse was approved by the FDA in December of 2006. The fact that you didn't even know this tells me you did NO RESEARCH before jumping into a procedure. Before anyone sticks anything into your body, you'd better do some digging around - including checking up on the people who are holding the syringes!
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If you find out can you please keep me posted? I am going through the say experience.
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Please keep me posted. I am searching for answers. Radiesse was injected on one side of my upper lip by mistake. They told me they do not know what will happen and that I need to wait and see. This is very unsettling for me. I have heard so many horror stories and I am hoping I didn't permanently damage my face.
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