Laser Hair Removal Left Burns Spots on my Stomach and Bikin Line - Sunset Beach, Ca

Pro: They were right about the % of hair reduction...

Pro: They were right about the % of hair reduction in the areas after the first treatment. Great Price for the Package Deal: 6 Treatments for Upper Back, Full Legs, Lower Arms, Under Arms, and Full Bikini Area for $2700. Good Negotiating.

Con: I was severely burned in my Bikini area and stomach.

I am Vietnamese and not your typical fair skinned one either. I can get really light in the Fall and Winter but when I tan I get very very dark. I think this is where they made their mistake because she looked at my skin which is really light now because I haven't been to the beach in 2 years and probably turned the setting too high.
People of colour or people who tan easy, beware.

I did this to remove my hair and got burn scars! I'd take the hair over these horrendous scars any day! I'm sure things would have gone swell if she had the settings right and all but she didn't. Thankfully I was only burned in 2 of the 5 areas. But now I can't go to the beach or have sex because I look like I have an STD.

The laser hair removal treatment done on my stomach and bikini area were burned. Both areas were very red and hurt for about 2-3 hour after the procedure. After about a day and a half all these circles of burns came up and were reddish maroon. Some had tiny blisters but the funny thing is that the blisters disappeared after a couple of days without ever popping. I put Neosporin on them to keep them moist and eventually they scabbed up and flaked off. Now my entire stomach is left with brown scars, it has been 2 months and they seem to be fading slowly. The Spa gave me an 8% hydroquinone/azelaic acid cream to use. It seemed to help a little however it caused my skin to peel a little. Is that normal? After I finished that they recently gave me a .05% retonoic/10%hydroquinone/1%hydrocortisone cream. Q: Are these scars permanent? Q: If not how long before they completely return to normal? They also have me applying the solution to the entire area of the burns rather than spot treating because there were so many burn circles. Q: Is the cream going to cause me to have a giant white area on my stomach where I am applying the cream?


Hi Lvla! I've just come across your post on here and saw I have the same symptoms as you from laser hair removal. I had my bikini line lasered about 2 weeks ago now, it was my first time and its burnt me and brown half round circles have developed which are pretty severe burns I've been told my doctor. It was really sore but now I'm worried about pigmentation issues on my skin. I went back to the laser clinic I had it done at they said it should heel itself!! As you posted this thread in 2009 I wondered if you now have any scaring or pigmentation issues, or has everything recovered and looks normal again. If so how long was he recovery process? Like you I would rather have the hair any day rather than these awful scars. I hope you can help. Thank you, Rebecca.
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Hi, wondering if yours have gotten any better?
Can you tell me if yours have healed?
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Do some major research first.

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