Hyaluronidase Gave Me Water Balloons Under my Eyes

I had bags under my eyes so i got juvederm. ...

i had bags under my eyes so i got juvederm. wasn't happy so i got it dissolved with hyaluronidase. but now it's been a week since the hyal and my eyes are more swollen than they were with the juvederm over-filling. it looks like big water balloons under my eyes.

Every review i read says the eyes go back to normal within 24 hours of the hyal injection. why did my swelling get worse over the first 4 days, and now it's just staying that way? i'm not having an allergic reaction because there's no redness or itching or anything else out of the ordinary going on with my body, just these huge water balloons under my eyes now. is this normal? how do i get this swelling to go down? please help

I developed a deep open ulcer and I has taken 2 years of skin grafts to save my eye. allergan blows this off as our product is safe.. This is a dangerous racket with Allergan and plastic surgeons making incredible money off trusting patients and leaving them to pay their way out of this disaster.
How are you doing now Anan?
i have the same question about the oral steroids because it's been 3 weeks for me as well. i'm supposed to see my doctor this week to discuss pros and cons.
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just read my review and you'll see why

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