Juvederm "Liquid Facelift" - Wanted to Look Younger

I had juvaderm injected 1 month ago into my face...

I had juvaderm injected 1 month ago into my face to look younger "liquid face lift". I wanted mini face lift, but thought I could put it off for a while. Plastic surgeon said 4 vials 2000 dollars-cheaper than surgery,but I have a small face and 4 vials seemed like a lot.

My skin has a horrible grayish color,my face looks FAT, and the shape is unattractive. He put some at the jawline and I had no sagging there.

I went to see him yesterday and he brought staff in to say I looked good and way too thin before. Told me to wait 6 more weeks I would like it. I can not look in the mirror-my lips look duck like (they were pretty before-one side of my face is much larger-it is almost like being disfigured. I cry constantly.


Certainly, many doctors carry the reversal medicine for juvederm and restylane called hyaluronidase. I cannot tell you for sure if another physician would be willing to treat you or not or if you should wait as your physician has suggested, but any patient has the right to get a second or third opinion. Repectfully, scott trimas, md
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If you are unhappy with the juvederm, it can be easily dissolved away with a product called hyaluronidase and in fact you can have some or all of the product dissolved depending upon how much you use. Also, this should not cause your skin to sag if you have some of the product reversed.
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Thanks so much! They are still telling me to wait-called about it yesterday. Would a different Dr. be willing to disolve anothers mistake?-or is that something not done. Thankyou again!

Can the hyleroneraise remove the whole 4 vials at...

Can the hyleroneraise remove the whole 4 vials at once or will it take many visits? If it is injected in the wrong place will there be a problem? The juvederm is all over my face and seems to be migrating. Is there an art to removing this as there is to putting it in? Should I be search for an expert? I want it out as soon as possible.


With pictures from before and after, you can prove him wrong. Find out if he has malpractice insurance. Mine didn't, if not I would've sued him. I am still waiting for this stuff to be dissolved from my lips. It's been 3 months now. I would also suggest you include your doctor's name on your review, that way you can tell other women before they go to him.

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Have you considered suing the doctor? Check that out.

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Love to get my 2000 bucks back! He keeps insisting that it looks good, and tells me how awful I looked before. Would be great to have him admit he screwed up at the very least! I would never do that to anyone!

I am reading about more and more mistakes with...

I am reading about more and more mistakes with this stuff. It has created new lines and sagging I did not have before. This has ruined my summer. I now have no choice but to find a good surgeon that can fix my face. Why is this happening SO often? Is there a particular face type it works on? Why are they so reluctant to remove it or admit it looks bad? I finally was able to get the doctor to remove about 15%-when I told him about strange creases and obvious asymitry he said "IT was like that before" and "Guess you like a flat face"-give me a break! These companies need stronger warnings! The Dr. needs to admit when he is wrong!! Searching for someone else to remove the rest in Ohio.

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Top lip is open and bleeding all the time where a...

Top lip is open and bleeding all the time where a lup of juvederm is. Not infected. What is this?


Juvederm and Restylane can be reversed.
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Doctors name is Pramit Malhotra. Office in Jackson Michigan.
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I know it has been a long time, but I was wondering if you could please tell me what doctor was willing to help you with Hyaluronidase. I'm 45 minutes from Toledo in Michigan. I'm still having issues from Juvederm that was injected a year and a half ago. The issue is grayish-bluish discoloration lines visible in bright light from residual Juvederm. It is very hard to find someone to dissolve another doctor's screw up.
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