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Just Had Deep FX Done to my Face for Angiofibromas on my Nose and Cheek Area - Edmonton, AB

Just had Deep FX done to my face about 5hrs ago....

Just had Deep FX done to my face about 5hrs ago. Thought I would share my pics and document how things are going.

Procedure went well, numbing cream was a big help. It really hurt on the areas around my nose and were no numbing cream was applied. Over all I can start to see some improvement and the procedure went well. Keep in mind i had angiofibromas on my nose and check area. We used CO2 laser for that area and deep fx where all the scaring was.

More to follow over the next few days.

Hello, Thanks for sharing your experience and posting pictures. How are the results and your satisfaction level now? Would you recommend this procedure for angiofibromas? We have a child with angiofibromas and are not happy with the pulse laser treatment. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Good luck with everything and Happy Holidays! Inna
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You have to get a referral to see this doctor in canada only.

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