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Jabba the Hut Puffy Eyes After Botox for Glabella Region

I recently went to my provider, a prominent...

I recently went to my provider, a prominent plastic surgeon in the area for treatment of the glabella region only. He also treated the "Charlie Gibson" horizontal line over my nose which is not that prominent but there. I have had this done by him many times before with excellent results. Usually I wait about 6 months between treatments but wanted to look good for my nieces wedding so was retreated at 3-1/2 months.

When I was injected this time I noticed the shots were extremely painful and he seemed to put more botox in the line over my nose. The night of the treatment I could not get to sleep at all and my eyes were actually hurting -- felt very dry and grainy. When I looked in the mirror the next morning I noticed a decided pouch under each eye that I definitely did not have before. My eyes themselves looked irritated red and beady. Over the next three days my eyes grew progressively worse -- the under eye pouches became huge, baggy and very wrinkly and the fat pad above the inside corner of each eye bulged out. My eyelids were also dropped -- my eyes are normally quite wide and large -- now they looked slightly closed and definitely smaller. They were also dry and uncomfortable -- I was using eye drops constantly.

Five days post botox treatment my eyes looked more puffy than ever. Upper eyelid was noticeably drooped and I had huge wrinkly elongated bags under each eye.

Alarmed, I phoned my doctors office only to find he was out for a couple of weeks but his associate would see me that day.

I went in looking for some help or at least compassion and admission that a the botox had gone wrong. Instead, the associate (who does only body work -- no face work) completely blew me off. He admitted my eyes looked very puffy but said it could not possibly be from the botox. I maintained that I believed the botox had seeped into the muscle surrounding my eye causing the puffiness and the fat pads to bulge. He said that could not happen because I had not had my crows feet treated and suggested perhaps I had eaten soy sauce or had an allergic reaction to something. He recommended I see a doctor and ask for "water pills". When I told him I take lasix every day he replied, well I guess that will not help then, sorry hope it goes away but it is not from the botox.

I am absolutely furious not only for my very bad result but especially for the shabby way I was treated -dismissed with little more than an afterthought. I examine my face everyday -- I know I did not have bulging puffy wrinkly eyes before the botox injections. I did not "eat soy sauce" or have an allergic reaction to something else. My baggy wrinkling puffy eyes were definitely the result of the botox injections I had received five days before.

I am sick of these doctors who are so willing to take your money but completely unwilling to take any responsibility when things go terribly wrong. I plan to go back to see the doctor who injected me when he returns from his trip but he too will probably take no blame for the hideous way I look and blow me off as well. It is going to take months for me to return to normal -- if ever and I am just sick about it.

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Wow! And to think I thought the droopy lids were because I wore false eyelashes to my daughter's wedding! The make-up person told us all to use oil to take the false eyelashes off and I just let them fall off over a couple of days. I did cry a lot so thought the bags under my eyes were caused by that. Sure, I will have bags under my eyes the next morning if I have a margarita (w/a salt rim) ...a guilty pleasure maybe every 2 mos. So I accidentally get to your thread tonight while trying to look up home remedies for my eyes. I had had dysport 10 days before the wedding (so 3 1/2 weeks ago had the injections) I had had the dysport once before bec. the lines betw. my brows. Looked great that first time. I did notice that my two lines didn't really look better & I had like a ridge across forehead as she used some in those lines. Never occurred to me that it could have migrated down to my eyelids! Well, I am going to go fix a huge cup of water It seems that all of you noticed the problems right away. I was OK for 2 wks. before the droop started. That is why I thought it was the eyelashes. Did anyone have delayed problems themselves? Thank you!
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Hello, I've been following your thread. The same exact thing happened to me. I'm currently at 2 yrs 2 months and I've seen small and gradual changes. But, I'm starting to wonder if this is as good as it'll get. I'd love a progress report, if you have time. I'd appreciate it very much. Sincerely, Lauren
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I posted this in another part of this site but I had Botox last week and am now experiencing the same thing..puffy under the eyes - like I've been crying or not had adequate sleep... What's the point of getting rid of the crows feet and lines around my eyes if I look tired all the time? Since Botox can take months to wear off I'm going to try to do what I can to move the fluid out of the area myself but using creams but for me in the future, I plan to just do what I can without Botox, since, for me, it created another cosmetic issue. I was also considering getting a filler for the nasal folds but have decided against that now as well. Not worth the risk.
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Like everyone else here, I am suffering a botox nightmare. I am just over the 3 month mark and my eyes are STILL swollen, sagging, and HIDEOUS with puffy bags - and I am only 28. I am so scared I will never gain my eyesback. Luckily for me, I have found a doctor that was willing to b HONEST (this is a rarity, equivalent to finding a unicorn) and I understand the horrific, extensive damage that was caused by just 21 units of botox in my forhead/glabella ONLY. I take pictures on a daily basis, and while I do see change, I have NOT improved. In fact, I am getting worse :'(. I am so devestated and think the terrible truth is that while some muscles/people DO improve - others DON'T.
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Thought I'd come back just in case anyone pulls up this old thread. I am many many months from my bad botox and my face is back to normal. I would say it took 3 months for my eye to regain its strength and loose the droop.

For a while, even after the range of motion was back, it would tire easily and would start to close a bit at night. That was livable. The 1st month or so was not. It was an extremely embarrassing and worrisome situation

For those getting botox, pick your doctor after doing your research! I think it can be a great tool (I did like what it seemed capable of within my forehead) but it can go VERY wrong! See someone experienced with a good record of success!
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Just an update for anyone wondering about the prescription eyedrops.
They are no miracle cure...at least for me. 5-10 minutes after the drops I might have had a slight improvement. The lid "seemed" a little less heavy and might half raised by 5%. Whatever good it did, it wore off after 10 minutes

I don't know if the continued use of the drops helps? From my understanding, the passage of time, plus the drops might help since the paralysis starts lessening. It's then that one should see a bigger benefit from the Iopidine. Is that right? Or do I need a buildup of the drops in my system before I can really judge whether or not they will work?

At day 7 my eye was closed all the way and hangs there now. My pupil is completely covered and I have no vision out of that eye because of it.

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Wow! Thank you all for the responses. Tomorrow I go back in to the plastic surgeon, my 2nd post treatment visit. We are going to try Iodipine eyedrops to see if that helps at all. The OTC drops the dr recommended didn't seem to work at all.

I am nervous. It is my understanding that you can gauge how long the paralysis will last based on the reaction, or lack there of, to the drops. If they work, you can expect several weeks of droop. If they don't work, 3-6 months.

I have taped my eye shut since the double vision and strain have been causing muscle cramps and pain. I was hoping the Botox would help for my severe migraines......so far, it's made them worse. This was the absolute WORSE case scenario for me. Just a nightmare. And so much for my venture into extra work. Who would hire a one eyed monster :(

Thank you all for the encouraging words. My heart goes out to everyone of you and I thank you for sharing your stories. People nned to know this happens and that it is not as uncommon as they make it out to be
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PS.....I had this done at a well received Plastic Surgeon here in Beverly Hills. I checked reviews and it seemed like eveyone was happy with him. I tried my best to take this seriously and be responsible about my decision to have it done.

I mean.....I posh plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills?!? You'd like they would get this right! People around here count on their appearance for work. If he was a butcher, he wouldn't have a successful office in town fir the past 20 years

BUT.....I think he was cocky and quick with the procedure. He took more time trying to sell me on other procedures. I wassnt in the office more than 5-10 minutes with him and most of that was talking about eyelid surgery and my smoking. The injections took 1 minute at the most and he gave me no post op instructions, even though I asked if there were any.

I think he put out a Groupon trying to get people in the office for an upsell of services and he became so busy that he rushed things along. Or as others have suggested, diluted the solution?

I found someone else on line who got the droopy eye from him this past month. That makes two of us at least...so he is lying about me being the only one. Sad there can be no compensation for this kind of thing....no recourse. I cant afford the $450 drops to see if they will work and I can't afford to go around with one eye for a year. But he can continue on like nothing has happened. There is something wrong with that IMO
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One eye, it is unique to the user and everyones recovery is individual. i was using botox for a couple of years but reached some kind of tipping point and my muscles just collapsed. still making a very slow recovery but look much like my old self again - that's just my case.

You might bounce back really quickly depending on where / how much was injected and if you had a migration? the cosmetic effect wears off quickly the muscles then have to grow new connectors - this will depend on your age / health - lots of things. but it WILL come back to what it was. stick to the shadows but go OUT - theatre, cinema, wine bars with soft lighting - grow a fringe, buys some glasses without prescription lenses, go to the gym, walk in the countryside, by the beach, in the hills - drive out of town for lunch - but for god's sake keep active and socially engaged or you will get depression. tell your closest friends who will be sympathetic and get some support.

it's not your fault - and if your PS was giggling, there is something mentally wrong with them. they always say it's the 1st time, who is going to admit to bad work ?? he / she is unfit to do his job.
it will fade, don't obsess and concentrate on doing things that make you feel good for now. it's healing every day.

keep well

Best Wishes
Melty x
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Hi, Melty. I have been following your older posts and most recent ones for months now. Yeah, you guessed it, the same thing has happened to me. I am so happy to read that you are slowly,but surely, getting back to yourself. You give me hope. I had my first botox injections Nov 11 for crows feet ,brow and forehead, and undereyes. Surprisingly, although my injections were under my eyes and were injected extremely deep into the muscle, I responded fairly well and I guess I can say"liked the results". They seemed to wear off fairly quick, and I thought I would do it again to remain wrinkle free(forgot to mention that I barely had wrinkles in the first place.just a few smile lines on side of crows when I smiled). Feb 23rd, I went to my local medi spa at a nearby mall for more botox. The girls there told me about dysport and it worked just as good as botox, but lasted longer and told me it was cheaper than botox after the $50 rebate. So, stupid me, sat in the chair and got 50 units into my forehead,crows and to top me off :( she gave me one injection under the middle of my left eye, after i told her not to. And that is where my nightmare began. I had the typical reaction that I have heard from so many women on this forum, the droopy face, bags under both eyes, creepy skin near my mouth. It has been hell. I had been going to the gym daily and running for 5 miles to get the toxin out of my body. I was seeing improvement under my eyes, but the loose ,saggy skin under my eyes was just horrible. I was started to panic because in a couple weeks actually have to go away to accompany my husband on a trip. July 9th I went to a very well known plastic surgeon to discuss w/ him my under eye situation . I went in knowing that I would get botox again to my forehead to tighten it up a bit and get rid of those half moons above my eyebrows which are now back after 4 1/2 mos. post dysport. Thought that might boost my spirits?!. The day I was to meet w/ the PS, I had a breakdown and cried. The skin under my eyes was so loose and baggy, not tight and firm like it used to be. My crows feet were back and when I smiled they would crinkle up and bunch up. I pulled myself together and went to the Dr., depressed about my appearance. I told him my story and he really didn't believe it was the dysport which pulled the skin under my eyes down. I told him it was and went onto to tell him that I didn't look like this in Feb. I showed him pics as proof. He said that he has heard that alot from women who claim that they don;t think they could've aged in a few months!?!? I went crazy and told him that I didn't look like this Feb 23rd. He offered botox for my forehead and said that botox on the side of my eyes(crows) would make the bunchy creases there when I smile look better. He did say that it wouldn't firm up the saggy undereyes. Before I agreed to all, I (emotionally,w/ tears in my eyes )just asked him if I would look better, and he said yes. So, I did it. 34 units to forehead, brow and crows. I came home and immed. saw the difference and felt my face get tighter. I was thinking..hmm...maybe that was all I needed was just more botox? Not so sure. the next morning I woke up w/ huge hammock sized bags under both eyes , and crinkly eyes when I smile. Yep, chipmunk,swollen face,too. My skin is still saggy on my face. I am so upset. I am an avid gym goer, was running 5 miles a day, weightlifter. My diet is impeccable, no sugar,carbs,salt. I don;t drink or smoke. Fitness and competing is my life. Needless to say, I have been home in hiding since Monday when I got home.. I hope I didn't set my healing process back now that I had more botox done after being "clean" from dysport for 4 1/2 mos. I think my skin was probably just going to beging the tightening up phase? I am heartbroken . I feel for my poor husband who has to live w/ a depressed wife who used to be so happy,fun and care free. If anyone out there has encouraging words/advice/opinions...anything at all, I welcome all of it. Tomm I have an appt to go talk to another dr. for advice and one again on Mon. I think a lower bleph might be ordered to pull up my saggy eye/cheek skin that seems to have dropped in mos.. It feels good to finally post my story and share with you all. Thank you for being there.xo
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flygirl - Stop! Breathe ! Think !

Your muscles are completely relaxed - sounds like bad botox, followed by a dysport migration and more bad botox.

if your PS wasn't a complete shit he would have said - "possibly drift - hard to tell who has done what at this point - get back to baseline."

i went for a second opinion and thank god I saw Micheal Prager (in London) as he was completely upfront and said - it's the botox, don't do anything else for at least one year. the hammocks and starburst effect are commonly document edside effects of bad botox . the swelling is lymph trapped in your tissue.

DO NOT SEEK A SURGICAL SOLUTION. my face is still changing 2 years later, if i had been cut and then those muscles tightened further as they healed from botox i would look like bloody Joan Rivers by now.

You will heal but the panicking and traumatising your face further is not the solution, there is no quick fix to this and any decent PS would tell you the same.

100% of everything has to be gone from your muscles for them to heal. Botox has an afterlife way beyond what is quoted and should be used at MOST twice a year in a very controlled and undiluted way.

There's about 52 muscles in the human face, not including any individual distinctions regarding things like posterior and inferior, longitudinal and transversus, and major and minor.

It is not possible to predict with 100% certainty how the face will respond to partial paralysis and the long term effects of botox in the face are unknown and there are NO scientific studies I know of in this are currently running based on long term users of cosmetic botox. you know why.. so that when it comes out it destroys the muscles ability to contract and stay healthy over time they can claim ignorance and avoid liability.

willfull blindness is what it is. they see women claiming bad side effects and claim it's aging which is bullshit.

you are still beautiful to your husband .. this man will love you in a care home, in a wheelchair - whatever. Love is love.

when you are competing pull your hair tight - get cornrows it will give you a temporary facelift.

keep those muscles working on your face but be gentle they have been chemically damaged. do not focus on your face too much - focus on your mind and your body at this time. tell yourself you are STRONG and SMART every day and you are turning your back on the insecurities that led you down this path.

LOVE your little face, be compassionate towards yourself and HEAL this. It's not your fault - bad technique is not the users fault. but don't hurt yourself further - you will come back from this nightmare and be 200% better because what doesn't kill - defo makes you stronger.

love and light


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Have not posted since 2009. First cosmetic Botox triggered what ended up being blepharospasm with apraxia. Since then have had surgery and receive medical Botox for condition. Fly girl.........please stop and give yourself time to settle. I am surprised that any professionals continue to treat when you are still having results from dysport and Botox. The one thing I learned is that if you go under eye, and they do when treating for medical condition, if to deep will cause the bag/ sag under the eye. It will go away. . But you must be patient. Adding more just complicates and lengthens the recovery. I'm sorry for your pain.
Best of luck to you.
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Melty! Hi and thank you . I just now realized that you wrote to me. You made me feel better. This is so tough to go through as you know. I am trying to remain positive and work on being more than my looks. It's just so hard because a few months ago I looked so good before all of this. So, I guess having more botox on Mon just set my healing process back even more. I am so bummed. Once I thaw out again, I will face my saggy face ,wrinkly face again. How can the muscles pull up the saggy skin? I treasure your kind words. You are my rock, Melty. I will stay in touch w/ you for sure.:)xo
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kimmmm, thank you for replying. I guess I am also to blame for looking to try and look better anyway possible. I was stupid to get more a few days ago. Now, I just made things worse . I have to thaw out and face the facts that once my saggy ,wrinkly face is back I just have to deal with it. Gonna be a long road ahead of me. What exactly happened to you? I will re read your posts in a minute.I hope you are ok. Thank you for caring to write. I apreciate it. I love my new friends on here who can relate:)xo
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Hi, again:)..Yeah, I am still here reading the many posts. They make sad and give me hope at the same time. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good skin tightening serum /lotion to use to try and keep the skin tight while going through this horrible process? I am also wondering of anyone has any thought about running? I had been running 5 miles a day. It was exhausting-haha-, but afterwards I felt like it tightened up my skin and made me look and feel better. 4 1/2 mos after my 2nd dysport treatment and once it stared to wear off and my saggy face that was once tone was coming back, I started second guessing the running and wondering if it may have made things worse ? Once the toxin starts to wear off and the muscles are trying to regain strength do you think it's a good idea? I could sometimes feel my cheeks bounce...Now that I just botox again 5 days ago like a complete moron, I don't want to create anymore damage until I am back to normal...which can't come soon enough. If anyone can shed some light on running post botox, I would love it. Thank you so much.xo
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Hi Flygirl :0)

I think your skin looks taught after exercise as blood fills the area ? When you are tired / dehydrated the skin looks flat but when you are flush from exercise the skin looks pumped - same affect as weightlifting.

gymbunnies swear their botox wears off extra fast and i think wet heat and exercise will push fluid around and keep the area healthy while the nerves heal? gentle massage will help ? chew lots of gum and buy the eva fraser facial exercise book but be very very gentle not agressive with your face. you mentioned that you had flattened levetor muscles (i'm guessing from your description). these do indeed hold up the face and messing about with the frontalis and levetor muscles will lead to pstosis over time in my experience ? muscles thin out from underuse.

everyones face and case is different you might bounce back you might crawl back but i'm pretty sure you will get back to baseline ?? and NEVER botox again ? it's a crap shoot and not worth it if it goes wrong. healthy muscle is thick muscle and your face is tight and smooth - that is what gives a young face its shape - they have lots of edges... botox flattens out the natural planes of the face and it rarely looks 'youthful' and often looks strange ?

all the best and keep think about 6, 9 and 18 months down the line - this will be a blurry nightmare. it's just for now and NOT for ever

ps. if it was just bad practise wouldn't we have to go to the same clowns to get exactly the same result ? it's defo the DRUG.
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Melty, hello! I hope this crap leaves my body fast! Until then ,i am doing and hr of cardio daily, drinking a gallon of water,eating a healthy diet, taking handfufls of suppl.'s to boost collagen production and elastin 3xdaily, chewing a wad of gum day to night, and trying not to obssess.. I just have anxiety about having to travel a week from Wed and see people who knew the "old"me. Can you say"sunglasses" 24/7!?!?! lol. As always, you make me smile and give me hope, Melty.
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Get some funky frames and some non perscription lenses for your glasses? This will distract people - or cut some bangs and wear a bright lippy. They will notice some changes but will put it down to this ? People do not have photographic memories - they will look at your for about 10 secs decide it is actually you and carry on talking.. about themselves :0) tough it out kid - don't be a hermit - it's soul detroying.

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Thank you, Melty. I will take your advice . I have changed my look a bit already. Strangely, pulling all the hair off my face into a bun on the top of my head is what I've been rockin'. With my sunglasses and bright lips they'll think I am a celebrity incognito! I am going shopping for non prescription glasses today..w/ heavy frames to cover the hammocks and lines! I have told a few women on here about you and how you are doing much better after two years. You said that your face is still changing? What percentage would you say you are now as far as being back to baseline? You should update your profile. Many who are close and after the years mark say that they still think of you and wonder how you are. You will give them hope. xo
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Hi, Melty! I hope this post finds you evn closer to 100% being healed! Yoiu have given me great advice the past month ,so I hope you don;t mind me coming to you with a couple more questions. I am week 6 post my last botox injection, but 6 mos post my dysport nightmare which hollowed out my undereyes,dropped my fat pads to the tops of my cheekbones and dropped my cheeks. I received my Eva Frazier exercise book and have been doing my facialexercises,massage religiously the past few days. I noticed that my nose crinkles up when I do a few exercises, so I am trying to hold the nose in place,too, while doing the exercises so I don;t get even more wrinkles! I cam across this thread and saw that you were doing caci facials,too. I have a call in now to a place (not too many near me) which offers them. My question is, is it ok for me to start getting these 6 weeks post botox? I mean, I need to pull up my cheeks and sagging undereye area . I figure it's not too soon to start trying to activate these areas. I do have movement and I do see wrinkles coming back already. I just wanted your opinion. Please let me know how you are. I would love towrite to you via email and send pics if you'd agree. You can inbox me. I sent you a private email a while ago. It may be there waiting for you. I appreciate it more than you know, Melty! xo all the best. PS..I did go on a couple PS consultations for lower blleps and cheeks lifts. I decided to wait it out ...scared to do anything and I know that you have told me that I am healing and time is what I need. Thank you,again.
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Hello Melty Face, I am suffering from the same thing. My top Dr with a Harvard degree put dysport under my wrinkle free eyes as a preventative measure. Within three days my under eyes bunched up with skin folding five times. My skin never folded or creased even with a huge smile. Now I am at month 17 and my eyes are still changed, I have the bunching about three folds now. My life is changed, my marriage, my friendships, my personality, my self esteem. I can honestly say I was the happiest person I've ever know. Truly content and always smiling. I have not had a true moment of happiness in 17 months. I rarely smile and am suffering through a deep depression for the first time in my life. To lose your smile, your looks, your face in one day for something you didn't think twice about to a highly regarded Dr. is horrifying. My cheeks dropped, my full lips looke wierd, it's been the worst experience in my life. I have been following your story since this happened to me and I am sorry for your pain. DId you say your face was back? And if so, when did you notice a full recovery? I'd so appreciate a response. Feeling so alone and sad and wondering if I will ever be able to smile and have my eyes look normal again. Sincerely, Lauren B.
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How long did it take you to get your face back! I am 7 weeks post botox with a totally deformed face. Would love to know how long until you looked almost normal.
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Oh hun x My heart goes out to you. IT DOES get better and yes, everyone is different. It took me a long long time to get back to normal, but fingers crossed you don't take as long. I did use Visine drops as recommended by others. I had to order them from the USA as they are not on sale here, but they Do work. They used to open my eyes as i was much much worse when I woke up on a morning, I don't know if thats the case with you, but give then a try. Tapping with my fingers gently around the area helped too as did the DVD from Caroline with facial exercises ( also ordered from the USA)She is so very helpful and answers questions direct to her. No body understands what you aare going through unless it has happened to you. the ladies on this site were by rock, particularly K. If I can help in any way, let me know. It does get better I promise you x
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I cannot believe what I have read here! 36 weeks?!? 10 months?!? I went in for Botox las week. Groupon was running a special for a well reviewed plastic surgeon here in town. So I went in and got 20 units for my 11 lines, the wrinkles between my brows. He injected me right above each eyebrow and a tiny one further up to one side (because he said I said some asymmetry) 4 days later.....my eye was nearly closed! The puffiness of both eyes makes me look like I have been beat up. The now weird shape of my one eye makes me look as though I am cross eyed. The droop is so bad, I cannot see well at all since the pupil is mostly covered.

The dr shrugged it off, almost laughing at it. The 1s time it's ever happened to him he says. He thought it was interesting and odd and seemed almost amused. He keeps saying it will wear off in a few days if not by 2 weeks or so.

I as embarrassed I dont want to leave the house! I wear sunglasses now everywhere. My vision is so compromised I can't really drive, or drive safely at all. Between the puffiness and the sagging closed eye I look like a victim of some sort of beating.

I went in to something small and simple that I thought might take a few years off my looks. I had NO idea that something like this could happen!! My worst fear was looking a little fake or frozen. I never would have tried this had I known this could be the result. It wasn't that important to me. I wasn't all too wrinkled. I just thought it might be a fun thing to try to see if it made any significant improvement. I am mortified!!

To think this may last for a year....I don't think I could do it. I have sunk into such a deep depression over this. I can't look at myself like this for months let alone an entire year.

I thank you all for sharing your experiences. I can only pray that it is different for each person and that this wears off quickly .
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Sort to hear. Visit your local ocular plastic surgeon and request prescription eye drops that contemporarily help with droopy eye from Botox. They hit your muscle that raised your eye lid.. It is temporary unless you have a pre existing condition for something else which was my case. Please consider Botox only from reputable doctor who does it often. The result is from skill of injector, not Botox. Also the doctor should always open the bottle and mix in front of you and discard what is not used. There shoildnbe a serial number on. Ottos from tracing back to allergen. If you haven't already callallergan with the situation so they cann check the doctor and product. .there is much counterfeit product being used. Live and learn. My first doctor was a qualified dermatologist, not qualified enough.
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