Invisalign W/buttons to Correct Inward-tilting Tooth - Really is Invisible

Pros - Buttons are only visible within a foot of...

Pros - Buttons are only visible within a foot of my mouth and invisalign is completely invisible.

Cons - I'm a snacker so the obvious con is that every snack costs me 10 minutes of my day b/c I have to stop to take out the aligners and then stop to brush/floss/mouthwash and put them back in. I may loose weight though =).

I have a tooth that tilts inward causing all of my pictures to look like I have a gap where a tooth should be. It was important to me to improve my smile but not have a metal mouth in the process. Also I have very healthy teeth and was concerned with the increased rate of cavities with braces.

My orthodontis is very professional and quite bossy =). He made sure that I didn't move during the original molding and also made sure to warn me that the invisalign system may not work but that he would evaluate the results when they came in based on the molding. It ended up being a good fit for me and I'm about 4 days in to treatment now. My aligners are so close to my gums that there isn't even enough room to place my fingernail tip in between, but no pain or jabbing into the gums as mentioned previously. I think I got a great fit. I found that my teeth were sore for about 2 days and on the 3rd day just tender when I popped the aligners into place. I have one button on the top and 4 buttons on the bottom.

The afternoon I got them my boyfriend examined the buttons for several minutes and declared that they were pretty clear and no one would really notice them. We then made dinner and I mentioned I needed to go figure out how to pull out the aligners and he was surprised I had them in. I guess even after examining my teeth closely for several minutes he hadn't seen the aligners. So far of the people that knew I was getting aligners, none were able to tell when I was wearing them or not wearing them. I'm hoping for good results but right now I can only report on the pain level and the visibility.

Pain - not significant at all, just pressure.

Visibility - none.

I finished my invisalign treatment in may and now I am onto the refiner aligners. All I can say is I hate the attachments. I had five on top and two on the bottom, and I just got them off today and I'm so thankful. However, I'm going to get two new ones when the refiners come in sadly.
You're lucky you only have one attachment on top and four on the bottom. The bottom attachments, I agree, are not ordinarily visible since the bottom lip covers at least half of the attachments when speaking and smiling (at least for me, anyway). The top teeth are the teeth that completely show when speaking and especially when smiling, and so attachments on the top teeth are usually noticeable. I'm going to get five on my top teeth pretty soon --- I'm dreading it!
I have had invisalign for two weeks. I went in for the new ones today and had to have buttons put on. I HATE them. It is very obvious and I'm angry because I was not told that they would do this until after I had paid for this process. I don't want to smile at all and feel embarrassed by it. I think that people should be told of what to expect before they go out and spend a bunch of money on these. I would rather have metal braces at this point. So, if you're thinking about doing this make sure you know what you're getting into.
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My orthodontist would not commit me to invisalign until he and I had examined the simulation that invisalign provides prior to treatment. He actually provided a deal where if my invisalign was not looking promising that I could transfer my deposit to conventional braces. It was very no pressure and he just wanted to improve my teeth the most effective way possible.

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