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Iam 9 months into my invisalign, and I just...

Iam 9 months into my invisalign, and I just returned from my dentist, getting my teeth cleaned. Unfortunately, the "glue" that held the button on, ate through my teeth/enamel and now I need dental work done. My ortho denied that this could be from invisalign. Well, the damage was on the tooth the button was on, and the two teeth on either side. There is nothing I have done that could have caused this damage, only invisalign. I wrote to the company, no response.

Also, the invisalign, pushed my bottom gums down, and now I need additional work on those teeth. Also, my teeth are not straight.

I only wanted invisalign on my bottom teeth, but the ortho pushed me into having them on the top. I had red flags, and should have heeded them. The filing was overdone, leaving me with a horrible space on my bottom teeth.

I'm in my mid 40's and do NOT recommend invisalign to anyone


Invisalign is not invisible. Buttons are quite obvious. Paing $4500 and then told you have to use your fingernails to take them out is ridiculous. And they are painful.
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Obviously your dentist was more qualified and experienced then mine was. Unfortunately, I have to live with his errors
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From my experience Invisalign always make top and bottom trays, otherwise you mess up your bite when you only wear top/bottom. So, it might not be your doctor's decision. The glue stain must be individual concept, depends on your enamel.I had no problem with mine. I had a wonderful experience with invisalign, my teeth came out to be straight and I had no issues throughout and after the treatment.
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Gave me horrible advice, had to pay in full up front. Never told me about the filing of my teeth, until after I paid in full

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