Terrible Pain when Starting Invisalign

I just got invisalign yesterday and while taking...

I just got invisalign yesterday and while taking them out to eat dinner last night, experienced the worst pain I have ever felt. I couldn't eat my macaroni and cheese or even my ice cream! Putting the trays back onto my teeth brought instant tears and terrible pain, I cried for about a half hour before the pain started to ease up. I'm considering not even taking them out to eat because of the discomfort I felt.

Is this process going to get easier? Is there any type of food that I can eat that won't stain the invisalign trays terribly? Is this amount of pain normal, or should I go in and see my orthodontist?
I'm just about to swap to tray 3 of 21, and last night I had to check that I was actually wearing my trays because it felt like there was nothing there. Which is kind of miraculous because for the first 4-5 days of tray 1, I was in agonising, miserable pain and I wanted to pull my own face off. Now I'm thinking that this year isn't going to be the bleak journey of misery I feared it would be. I've had to file down both sets of trays so far, due to the sharp edges the lovely technicians at Invisalign have helpfully included (and free of charge, too! How wonderful!) and I can no longer eat crunchy things, but aside from that, the weeks following the very beginning haven't been too bad. *touches entire forest of wood* (And now we wait to see if tray 3 is horribly painful and I have to eat my words, except I won't even be able to eat my words because that will hurt too much and I'll have to eat soup for 400 days instead.)
i started my invisalign journey back in november 2013. i would have been about done in another 6-8 weeks from now if i had worn them as i was supposed to, but since i have not done so, i'm sure that i just put myself through additional added time and discomfort because of it. so my advice to all newbies--WEAR THEM AS YOU SHOULD!!! trust me, you do not want to be where i am today! i just put some trays back in last night and boy, am i suffering this morning! i was prescribed to wear 26 sets of trays and after such a lengthy time period of not wearing any trays at all (for about 5-6 weeks), the trays i felt i could actually get on properly was tray set 15. you wouldn't believe how much your teeth will move back to their original positioning, and how quickly it will happen. just think--6 weeks of not wearing my trays have added at least 12 weeks more to wearing them. clearly, i've taken a MAJOR step backwards because i should have been on like tray set 21 or 22 by now, so essentially i've added another 3-4 months onto the time i'll have to use invisalign. plus, i've put myself through some additional pain that comes with each new tray. but on the upside, i am really happy to see the changes that did take place when i was very diligent about wearing and replacing my new trays on time. you will not be sorry, i think, if you do as you should. some of the trays that i had worn didn't hurt me at all, but i had a few that were very uncomfortable from the pressure but nothing that was extremely intolerable compared to what i'm feeling today since i've just started wearing some trays again. i can't wait to be finished. i have to have dental implants on my top front due to me closing a gap between my two front teeth. now that i've met with that dentist that will be doing the implants, i have a renewed excitement for what's in store for my smile, and by summer of next year, i should be rocking a great new one. good luck to everyone that is starting on their invisalign journey--you will be fine!
I know the feeling. I'm scared to really "test" it, but it feels like my two top middle teeth are loose and could fall out, so I'm scared to even see... Hopefully its due to the movement caused by the trays and will reseat properly soon... However, has anyone noticed attachments not necessarily falling off, but wearing down or seeming ti cause less tension than trays used to? Just put in a new tray and feel NO pain at all.. Anyone know why this may be? Makes me thing something's wrong with the trays or attachments themselves
Dr. Lozman

They have been a great amount of help, I don't blame them for the amount of discomfort that I am feeling.

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