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I am 27 years old and got my traditional braces...

I am 27 years old and got my traditional braces off 11 years ago. I wore my retainers up to four years ago when the top one broke and my orthodontist was no longer in business (so my patient history- gone!). I did not want to start over so I just let it go. I have had a slight relapse with my top front tooth turning out. Not bad but bothersome to me.

I have researched Invisalign and decided to try it. Like I said my teeth weren't too bad and some people though I was crazy but it bothered me. I went to my first consultation in July and was consulted a rate of $5000 and recoiled. Maybe I did not want this as much as I thought. The provider had a flat fee for everyone regardless of severity, so I did not go back.

I saw an add for a Premier Provider that was more in my price range and went for a consultation. That same day I shelled out the money and got my molds taken. Less than three weeks and I was in my first aligners. Premier providers I found out are cheaper and require less time for the molds to be made so I am glad I went that route. I have had my first trays in for four days now. I also have eight attachments which not only help to grip the aligners but to move teeth down or turn them.

I experienced mild discomfort the first day and almost debated eating when it came time to take the aligners off. It hurt so much I thought I was going to cry like a baby, especially where the attachments are. I thought that the pain shouldn't be that bad! Putting them on also hurts because of the pressure and tightness (especially at the attachments).

The pain and pressure is lessening as I wear them making it easier to take them out and put them in. The aligners feel weird in my mouth and I have a sore under my top lip from the edge rubbing. Eating is a bit of a chore because I have to excuse myself to go to the bathroom before a meal to take them off and rinse them, don't want everyone to watch my drool show. Then I have to go to the bathroom again after to brush, floss, and brush my aligners before reinserting them. At home this isn't a problem but out with friends or at work it is a bit of a nuisance. I am also very aware that they are there but I heard that goes away with time.

Chapstick or lip balm is also a must because my mouth (inside and out) feels so dry and I am getting chapped lips as a result. So on to the good stuff. Less eating equals less snacking, which is a plus in my book. I am drinking more water and less sugary drinks. My teeth also look straighter. The attachments are clear so they are hardly noticeable and my speech is almost normal again. I have only gotten comments on my initial speech impediment and only from two people. So either many others did not notice them or did not say anything. I only have eight trays for top and bottom so four months of this is not too bad.


*UPDATE*- I am now on my fourth tray of my Invisalign treatment- yay half way done! I do not notice the trays in my mouth anymore and it feels normal to have them in. I have experienced a little bit of soreness the first couple of days with each new tray but it is not bad at all. I have been doing very well keeping them in. I had some difficulty though during a family trip to Disney World. It was difficult because you are at an amusement park for days and you want to eat all the fun food but you have to floss and brush all the time. Bathrooms there are crowded and it is not always convenient to brush your teeth. So for those moments I would floss and use Colgate Wisps in between brushings. This was only temporary as I was at an amusement park and I do not recommend it regularly but it was very convenient and it spared me the dirty looks I would get from hogging up a sink for so long in a crowded, dirty restroom. It worked out and I was soon back to my normal routine of flossing, brushing, and rinsing. My teeth are noticeably straighter and I am so far happy with those results. Many people forget that I have them in or don't even notice them which is a huge plus! Thanksgiving and Christmas were a little difficult because of appetizers, dinner, and dessert served throughout the day- lots of flossing and brushing, but I survived :). Good luck to all those who re considering this treatment- hope this help!
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They are Premier Providers, more affordable, it takes less time to receive your trays, and the orthodontist personally charts a plan to straighten your teeth based on your issues not just sending it off to be done by someone else.

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