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Hi everyone....well I just got my impressions done...

Hi everyone....well I just got my impressions done on Sept/16/09. I'm so excited I can hardly wait. I think my treatment will be for 12 months, I have a slight overbite and a small gap so I'm so ready for them to come so I can get the treatment started. I'll update on a regular so you guys can see how I'm doing. I submitted a picture of before.

I'm sorry I meant to put in there that this is...

I'm sorry I meant to put in there that this is the price I had to pay after my insurance company paid half. Got to love Insurance.

Thank you....
Good luck with your treatment! Looking forward to reading your updates and seeing the results.

Tray 1 of 10 Okay so on Oct 8 I got my...

Tray 1 of 10

Okay so on Oct 8 I got my Invisaligns and I must say that they are not that bad at all. I have 10 upper/ 10 lower so I'm consider Invisalign express.

There is a little pain, but nothing major I can't handle. I'll post pictures this afternoon.

I was really suprised to see that no one could actually tell they were in.

Okay for all of you who have them how and what do you use to keep them clean?

kind of a personal question, but can you kiss and make out with the invisaligns in/on?
If you want to keep your Invisaligns clean, brush them dail just like you teeth. Also, there is a cleaner on the Invisalign website that you should consider buyin. It works!! Best of luck to you on your Invisalign journey.....11 more trays and I will be done with mine. BTW, I'm from Shelby, NC. I now live in Minnesota.
Thank you I really appreciate that. You know a lot of people say that but my teeth really bothered me and over time that small gap of mine was getting a little bigger and I've always hated the over bite I have so over time that will be gone.... Oh no don't be jealous I'm sure yours will just as you want'll end up with a perfect smile to. For cleaning I also use the denture cleaner and it works great...I guess some people don't take care of them like they should...just But I want mine to stay crystal clear,because I have to wear them 3 weeks at a time. Well lets stay in touch and I hope all goes well for you.

Okay I'm back after a couple of months with my...

Okay I'm back after a couple of months with my Invisalign....and I must say they are working very very well. I'm on tray 5 of 10 and my teeth look fabulous.  I have no pain except when I change my tray out and it only hurts for about 2 days then I'm back to normal.  But all I can say is that this is money well spent and I'm so happy I'm doing this.

Hello, I think it all depends on how many trays you may need on the Ortho can tell you that. But I had to have 10 trays top/bottom and my total cost was something like $5995 and my insurance company paid for half of it.
Hope this helps, and good luck.
Just found out today my daughter has to get either braces or Invisalign, to create a space to then have a missing tooth implanted. So nervous..... I'm leaning towards the invisalign because braces are gross to me, I feel like food and everything gets in them. Is the cost about the same? I was told it depends on how many trays will be needed.
Hello Sherry, I finished my treatment back in May and it was the best thing I've ever done. My smile is so much better, gap completly gone, I'll upload a new pic for you to see later on tonight when I get in from work. I'm sure your going to love it, I only had to wear mine for 6 months and now I wear my retainer everynight, but its fine with me. The results are amazing. Keep me posted throughout your journey. Suprina
Dr Hannon Gastonia, NC (Hannon Orthodontics)

He and his staff are the best, they make you feel right at home.

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