First Set of Trays, Self-Conscious About the Attachments/buttons

I have somewhat of a minor underbite, so the plan...

I have somewhat of a minor underbite, so the plan is to push my bottom teeth in, and at the same time close two minor gaps on my lower teeth. My plan involves 16 trays on my lower teeth, 11 on top. So this is my second week on my first set of trays and I can't stop thinking about my aligners. I'm consciously aware of them whereever I go and no matter what I'm doing. My ortho drilled on the attachments/buttons on my lower teeth and will put those on my upper teeth the next time I see him. Thank god they're not yet on my upper teeth because I'm a single gal who has just started dating again.

It's a hassle having to brush your teeth after each and every use but I guess that's the price you pay for the results you're going to get at the end. Another thing --- when eating w/o the aligners on, the attachments would sometimes brush up against the fleshy part of my mouth and irritate the flesh. Don't know what to do about that...

I speak with a slight lisp and feel so self-conscious when I do anything. The lisp allegedly goes away after a few days but I feel that it hasn't yet. I feel like I smile and speak less since I'm so aware of the attachments.

One thing that I didn't read from all of the online reviews is the problem of trapped saliva/water bubbles underneath my lower aligners. Does anyone know what I mean?

It's not so easy being a single gal with the attachments and the aligners least with the aligners I can remove them should there be a need to, but there's no getting around the aligners. I haven't had the opportunity to engage in an open-mouth kiss (yet?), but dread the reaction of my date.


Hahaha, oh dear! I personally think you have nice teeth and can't even tell anything is wrong with them! Looking at the pics, you can hardly tell you have aligners on, except with the bumps, but that's only because you're smiling wide. I'm pretty sure when you're talking no one would notice. You're being a little bit too self-conscious! Relax! Yes, I'm aware of the bubbles. But honestly, girl, no one is going to get in your face and inspect your teeth and say, Hey! I see bubbles!! I'm on my 2nd set of aligners. You'll get used to yours in a couple of days and those attachments will start to smooth out. If you're gonna go on a date, just take them out for the evening, as one night won't kill you. But it's perfectly fine to kiss with them because you're not kissing with your teeth. At least I hope not! It looks fine. At least there is the option for invisalign instead of metal braces, right? ;) Don't be self conscious, just think of the even better teeth you'll have in the end. This is all a small price to pay :)
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Oh yeah, and there will be some...

Oh yeah, and there will be some "shaving" of select teeth in order to make more room for those teeth to move.  Some reviewers have been outraged, but for me, the shaving is quite minimal and the amount of teeth shaved off is equivalent to the side of a piece of paper.  Not a big deal in the whole scheme of themes.


I forgot to add that my lower tray don't "cover" my teeth entirely; the edges of the tray that touches the inside of my lips/cheeks are not exactly tapered but not greatly flared out either, and don't seem to reach my gum line.  The non-tapered edge of the tray influences my constant awareness of the trays whenever I speak and smile.  Does anyone else have this issue/problem?


I have bubbles every once in a while, kissing is Jo different my fiance doesn't mind at all. I get engagers today kinda nervous. The first day or so of having my aligners in they won't sit down but as they warm up they are fine. If a guy won't date you because o f clear braces don't waste your time he is only interested on the outside and not your teuself on the inside. I will say my fiance lobes the braces when it comes to 1 particular thing in bed.... But that us all I will say :) so when ya do find the one he won't care one way or the other. So be confident !! You are going to have a gorgeous skill at the end!! I have them for slight teeth rotation and a mild cross bite. I gassed bad cross bite when I was younger and had to have some thing in the roof of my mouth that broke my palate. So I REFUSE to let it get bad lol. Have fun getting your new smile!!

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i agree with the rest of the replies. you can barely notice them. and as for open mouth kissing, my boyfriend has only noticed a slight difference, nothing to put him off kissing me, for any reason lol.
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me too. i have minor underbite or sometimes i call it crossbite. do you see any changes since you used invisalign? please let me know, i plan to have one but im still doing my research..
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