Invisalign is Overrated - Ask Doctor About Other Clear Braces for Cheaper Price

Invisalign is overrated. The fee was expensive...

Invisalign is overrated. The fee was expensive.

There are other companies, now surfaced, will do same quality work just about a half of the Invisalign price. Invisalin recently lost its battle against law suits; its long time monopoly history in clear braces has ended. You can ask your doctor about other clear braces because there are at least two companies other than Invisalign.

i am on tray 2 of my invisaligns and have been wearing them for 15 days. so far, i am very pleased. no one can tell i am wearing them! it's amazing! i am not talking funny, i am snacking less and drinking less coffee on the road (never a bad thing) but can eat meals perfectly fine. i am not having any saliva issues and i brush my teeth and the trays three times daily. they do not smell, my breath is not worse, i have been able to do everything i normally do (and yes, i mean everything for those of you writing bad reviews about affecting your love life? give me a break!) and i just love knowing they are slowly moving my teeth back into perfection. i am happy to update this as i move on through the process. the trays hurt a bit and are certainly tight the first day or two, but get more and more comfortable and easier to remove as your teeth shift. clear braces cost about the same where i go, and i was not intersted in non-clear routes at all. invisaligns are the way to go! i have slight crowding.
am interested in the other braces that were considered similar. can you name them?
I have invisalign braces at present but not happy with results after almost 2 years of trays. Would love to know of other companies who manufatcture similar braces.
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