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Limelight Facial Didn't Help Sun Damage Maybe Due to Low Settings Used

I just had my second Limelight facial (IPL). The...

I just had my second Limelight facial (IPL). The first time I got some brown areas that flaked off. The second treatment nothing happened.

I still have some sun damaged areas, but it did not seem to do anything. Was the setting too low? With the limelight there is no numbing cream. I am concerned about increased strength as I have read some of these horror stories of burns.

I am not sure if I should continue and allow the doctor to increase the strength. $300 is a lot for no results.

Hi, I signed up for a 5 sessions Fotofacial in San Jose, CA. My main problem was uneven skin tone and acne scars. The first 3 treatments I didn't see much diff except for some flaking here and there. But for the 4th & 5th treatment, the doctor increased the setting and I did see result, especially after the 5th. My skin tone is more even and most of the dark spots are gone. In between my treatments, I had one breakout (I believe due to work stress) and the doctor was very good where he prescribed me free medications (oral & creams) for my acne. For the first time now I actually love my skin. I noticed after doing IPL, my skin is less oily.
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