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Extreme Fat Loss After IPL

In Jan 2008, I had surgery on my jaw (orthognathic...

In Jan 2008, I had surgery on my jaw (orthognathic surgery). Approximately 3 months after, I had an IPL Photofacial - there were three sessions over 3 months. Now I have extreme fat loss in my face, I look about 10 years older.

What are the long term effects of IPL Photofacials? I have been assured that this isn't the reason and that it is because of age (48). Any info would be appreciated.

had IPL done after some jaw surgery, a year later, have extreme fat loss. Is it due to age(48) or damage from IPL?


This is an example of doctors not yet knowing the full extent of a treatment they provide. Those of us who have suffered fat loss from IPL know that it can happen, there is no question in our minds - we saw the results and we know our faces. The question is whether our doctors did something wrong, or whether our skin was just too delicate for the procedure, maybe our fat cells are more easily melted, or if IPL just randomly can cause this awful side effect... Eventually doctors will study this more in depth and will 1. admit that it is possible and 2. be able to figure out why this happens.
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Don't you just love it when they try to blame it on your age? It's not just IPL, fractional CO2 lasers can result in fat loss and odd wrinkles as well. The doctors are full of it...they only care about the $$$.
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IPL CAUSES FAT LOSS...... Please don't think that it doesn't. I am 30 years old. I had a very healthy chubby cheek face before ipl. Now I have no fat in my face. My face melted away with ipl.
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