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Prefer Dysport over Botox - Quicker and Less Expensive

I decided to try Dysport because I wanted a more...

I decided to try Dysport because I wanted a more affordable treatment than Botox. I found a place in Newport Beach, CA and was happy with the results.

The pros are: it is cheaper than Botox per about $4.00 per unit. It doesn't hurt anymore than Botox and the treatment was done in about 5 or 10 min. which was nice!

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. was very informative about Dysport and explained the entire procedure in detail. It was nice to have a surgeon sit down and take the time to give you a full consultation. I felt comfortable with the doctor and his staff and felt everyone was very informed.

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Sorry to hear that, that sucks!!! How much and where did you put it? How long after did side effects start? I had to smoke pot, even though I thought it might make me freak out, it put me to sleep, when nothing worked, including benzos, u get sinus infection? Hang in there!!!
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I had wretched side effects from botox, but I heard that Dysport works differently on the immune system. Any other people with botox side effects (anxiety, sinus infections, insomnia) have any luck with Dysport? Thanks
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I just had Dysport yesterday...it's currently 3 am and I'm unable to sleep due to the severe heart palpitations I'm having. I say DON'T do it! I also tried Botox and felt bad, but convinced myself it was all in my head. I thought I'd try Dysport, but am very sad I did.
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Make sure you understand the pricing structure. Although Dysport is less expensive per unit, it takes 50 units to treat the Glabella area. Botox takes 20 units. Bottom line Dysport may not be significantly cheaper.
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