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Eyelashes and Eyebrows - I Love Latisse! - San Diego, CA

First off, the price of $100.00 that this site...

First off, the price of $100.00 that this site forced me to put down is wrong. I only paid $91.50 at Costco Pharmacy. It was not discounted but this site won't let me list anything less than $100.00. How odd.

Anyway, I love this product! I have been using Latisse for 33 days and already notice a difference! My lashes are definitely longer and thicker.

I agree with most of the other people who have posted here; lose the brushes that come with the product and get yourself a high quality eyeliner brush. I only use one drop in the cap for both of my eyes and my eyebrows. With the results I am seeing, this seems to be sufficient. Up to this point I have not experienced any side effects. I would certainly recommend Latisse!

Latisse is only $91 at Costco? I just checked moments ago and was quoted $109 for a month month supply.
When I purchased it in June it was $91.50 and Albertson's matched the price when I had them refill it.
I really recommend it. I used to have very short and thin eyelashes and now I have longer and healthier lashes. I can't say that they are too thick but with the continued use it will improve even more. I can't wait to use the second order of Latisse. My eyebrows also started growing. This product really works, and I was very skeptical at first.

Sixty-eight days and still using the first...

Sixty-eight days and still using the first bottle! 

I have experienced two of the side effects, darkening of the eyelid (you can see in the new photo) and eye redness which is cleared up by using an over the counter product like Clear Eyes.

I am still thrilled by the results to date.

I actually had to switch mascaras to one that doesn't lengthen lashes ;-)

My sparse eyebrows are also showing signs of improvement!

Worth every penny!

They quoted me $108 and change so I guess they raised the price!

Sixteen weeks and the results speak for...

Sixteen weeks and the results speak for themselves!  See pic below.

I am still on my first bottle!  Though down to the last couple of drops, my first bottle has lasted me 112 days!  I refilled my script after 30 days but have yet to open it.  Using only one drop a day makes this product much more affordable for me.

Can I use, if I'm allergic?
You can get now for about $80 online.
Name not provided

I went to my doctor, told him what Latisse was, that I understood the side effects and wanted him to give me a prescription.

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