55 Years Old, Lifestyle Lift Made Me Look Fabulous After Divorce

I've wanted to get a face lift for a few years,...

I've wanted to get a face lift for a few years, but I thought I couldn't afford it. Last year my husband told me he wanted a divorce, so a few months ago I decided I deserved and needed to do something for myself so I can start feeling better about myself. I had heard about the Lifestyle Lift and thought it would be something I could afford.

After I read all the reviews, both negative and positive, about Lifestyle Lift on Realself.com, I made the decision to go ahead and get a Lifestyle Lift. I think my experience was very good because I participated responsibly in the process. I did my homework and researched my doctor who is a certified plastic surgeon. I wrote down all the questions I had and took that list to my initial consulation. The staff was friendly, helpful and professional.

During the consultation I met with a physician's consultant who explained the cost of the procedures and then I met with the doctor. Between the two of them, I was given all the information I needed, and all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. My doctor invited me to call if I had any more questions, and I left with a folder containing a ton of informational literature and pre-operative instructions.

On the day of surgery, my only complaint is that my surgery was scheduled for 11:00 o'clock but was postponed until 2:00. I'm not sure what caused the delay, but my doctor did apologize. The delay didn't bother me, but it was inconvenient for my sister who sat waiting in the back waiting room, wondering what was taking so long. She said she got worried because no one told her what was going on and she was afraid to leave to get something to eat. I can't put the blame fully on the staff for not keeping her informed because she could have easily gone to the front desk and asked.

The surgery itself for the most part was painless. The prescription medication that I was given prior to the surgery was very effective and I didn't feel any pain during the initial injections given to deaden the area. There was, however, one place along my jawline that I felt some pain during the procedure and the doctor stopped and tried another shot to deaden it. For some reason the area was resistant to the medication. My surgeon apologized for my discomfort and asked me to please try to hold on because she was almost finished. It was an "owee!" moment, but it wasn't even bad enough to bring tears to my eyes and the pain only lasted for those few seconds.

After the procedure, my head was wrapped in some tight bandaging and I was sent home with the aftercare procedures and an appointment to return the next day. The bandages were fairly tight and uncomfortable, but not painful. I took the prescribed pain medication and slept through the night.

During the follow up appointment my doctor removed the bandages, checked to make sure everything looked as it should, asked me if I had any questions, and a med tech wrapped my head in another bandage that I was required to were for one week, and then at night for three more weeks. I only took pain medication the first two nights and never needed anything, not even Tylenol, since then.

After one week I returned to the office for suture removal. At that time I spoke with my doctor about a concern I have with my ears. It seems like my ear lobes have been sewn back at slightly different angles and therefore one appears shorter than the other. My doctor asked me to be patient and wait until the swelling goes down. She said if I am still unhappy with the appearance of my ear lobes in a few months, she will make any needed adjustments at that time.

So, I don't understand some of the complaints I have read. Lifestyle Lift is a face lift. No where did I read of hear that it is a "lunch time" procedure. Some Lifestyle Lifts can be done in an hour, but my doctor told me that my procedure would take longer because I had the basic lift plus a neck lift and liposuction. She said she would take as long as she needed to take to do it right. She is under no pressure to speed things up or to accomplish some type of quota.

It has been nearly four weeks since my surgery, and I had my final post-op appointment today. I look and feel great. My sister said I look more like 35 years old than 55. My niece said I look fresh and natural, and not pulled too tight.

I had so little bruising I could have returned to work in one week after surgery with just a little cover-up if I had needed to. I have scars in front of and around my ears as expected (my doctor told me exactly where the scars would be) and they are healing nicely.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I had a very good experience. I have to say, do your homework, and have reasonable expectations when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Speak up, ask questions, and don't do anything if you don't feel comfortable and have 100% confidence in your surgeon.

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is a caring, talented and board certified facial plastic surgeon. She was responsive to my questions and sensitive to my needs and concerns.

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Trinity21 Post a review WITH pictures or what you say MEANS nothing....
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I agree with Robert!
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Well said Krystal

Anybody thinking about doing a LifestyleLift watch the series here done by CNBC on Lifestyle lift


and ask yourself with all these positive reviews why couldn't lifestyle lift find A FEW CLIENTS to actually go in front of the camera showing before and after.
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I will go in front of the camera. This is my third post tonight. On Nov 4, 2010 I had my first surgery. My lower eyes looked like I was 70. I was so pleased, I went back and had jowels and neck. As before, I suspected I would keloid but I DO NOT HAVE KELOIDS. I took my sister and she also had the procedure. We look great. I had a problem with job interviews, I looked old, and could not find employment. When I went to a seminar that I was enrolled in everyone noticed the difference. Like I said, I need a job and I would gladly let the world see my before and after pictures which will be taken late January. Best investment I have ever made to look my best because I DON'T FEEL 70 SO I SHOULDN'T LOOK 70! There were pills to take to avoid heavy brusing. I followed all the directives and must say, THANKS TO THE SCHAUMBURG staff. I have recommended this procedure to several persons. Again, we, my sister and I look great... If they pay us, we will let the world see our pictures!
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I am very suspicious of these "positive" posts. They all have a very similar format: Praise the procedure, making comments such as "I had such a great result because I participated responsibly... did my homework... researched my doctor who is a certified plastic surgeon."

Although the above are imperative for ANY procedure, these comments essentially blaming the victim are suspect. I am wondering if it is LSL staff who are posting these.

Patients typically do their research before surgery, and such phoney positive reviews are NOT helpful to us at all! We do our research and these fake reviews only lull us into a false sense of security. Shame on you.

The founder of LSL is settling out of court for astroturfing, which is posting fake positive reviews online.

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I am certainly not any employee of LSL. I had the procedure and had a very positive result. Would you like me to say that I didn't do my "research?"
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yet you haven't posted a review with pictures..

Reading your posts it looks like you haven't done your research

There are patients complaining of scars with your so called doctor and then you are talking about seeing him.

Post a review with before and after...

otherwise your review is meaningless
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I have multiple posts on this site with answers to several questions. I had the lift on august 12th of 2010 by Dr. wise in Little Falls, NJ. How can you not have any scars? I hae a small scar under my chin and two small scars behind my ears.Look at my post on November 4 of 2010
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I am contemplating the procedure and reading as much as possible before making an appointment for the initial consultation. Thanks for making these comments available for review.
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Would somebody please give me some good news about LL Vegas? I am travelling a long way by myself for this procedure and am getting very scared by the negative comments.
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A facelift is normally a 3-4 hour procedure. In a good facelift not only is the skin stretched but the muscle is repositioned.

This doctor is NOT board certified by what most would consider what matters.

There is a lot of confusion about board certification. Most Lifestyle lift surgeons claim to be board certified. BUT they are board certified by American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery but American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is NOT recognized by American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) only the American Board of Plastic Surgery is recognized by the ABMS.

This should tell you a little bit about Lifestyle Lift with the following post.

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My doctor is certified by the american board of plastic surgery. I had the procedure done on august 12th. Everyone tells me I look great. Did I do something different with my hair? or Did I have a facial?... They say I glow and look wonderful.... I turned 55 years old on the 1st of October. I did not have significant jowling, prior to the procedure but it was there. My neck looked, like an old lady neck. I look in the mirror and now and am very pleased with what I see. I look refreshed. I did my research....
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Hi 9553anon,

It's great to hear you had such a great experience. How long was your recovery, did you have to use anything after your procedure? With such a good experience and so many compliments do you have any pictures, we would love to see how amazing you look. Thanks for being part of the lifestyle lift community.


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I had the surgery on august 12th, which was a Thursday and went back to work on Monday a week and a half later. Was I still swollen? Yes. Especially under my eyes. And I still had bruising on my neck which I was able to cover up. The only one that knew I had a lift was my boyfriend, because he took me. The first couple of days are miserable. It's surgery. Towards the end of the week you start to feel better. I work in a hospital, I knew what to expect. I used the chin strap every nite for a month. It actually felt comfortable after a while. Certainly not at first. I remain anonymous on this site for a reason. The same reason I did not tell anyone about it. I want to remain anonymous. My kids didn't even know. Now when people see me, they say, you are glowing. You look great. What did you do differently to your hair. Your skin looks amazing. Again, my face did not have wrinkles. I think if you do not have alot to take care of, you should get a regular facelift. I nver felt as good about myself as I do now.
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Well glad to hear everything went so well!


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How did it turn out?
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You had a good experience why don't people just take your word for it instead of giving you so much crap and basicially calling you a liar. I'm happy for you.
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Thank you. I did have a good experience and I'm happy with the results.
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Please help!!!! I am suppose to have this lift Monday,Nov 2. Has anyone heard to Dr.Diaz in Huntersville,NC..I must cancel and lose money if I don't have it but that almost seems the least of my worries! They told me that I could return to work this Thursday and I am scheduled to work third shift but I am having the lift and laser resurfacing...does anyone have suggestions for me? Thanks...
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Also Suzie, I noted you hadn't posted anything since the end of July. How are you doing now?
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I have to admit that I saw the commercial on TV and was immediately hooked. However after reading the posts on this site - I'm not so sure I want to take a chance. Even though you seem to have had a satisfying exprience. You also mentioned that your sisters have had facelifts - obviously successful and satisfying also. When it comes to face/skin, etc. we are at the mercy of our genes, so to speak. Obviously your family carries genes which help the skin to heal quickly. Not everyone has success stories with elective plastic surgery and the negative results are not always the fault of the surgeon, procedure or post-op negligence. Any elective surgery has to be considered and the benefit:risk ratio has to be weighed very carefully. I had what you might call elective surgery this summer for stress incontinence. I was PERSUADED to opt for an epidural instead of GA which was my first choice up until minutes before being wheeled into the OR. That resulted in a week long headache, pain at the injection site, subsequent (although now diminishing) back spasms upon doing the most innocuous moves (lifting my legs while sitting in a chair or sneezing) and now I have urinary urgency problems while the stress incontinence is definitely gone! All of that to say - if you DON'T have to have the surgery then don't. EVERY surgery has risks - some you would never even think of. Save your luck for that time when you may have to undergo surgery for a life-threatening condition. As for you Suzie, lucky girl.
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Do it.... It's wonderful
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Thank you all for your posts... I will follow my husbands advice and research for quite a while, then and only then find a "Board Certified Plastic Surgeon", Research him also. My husband has a saying about facelifts. "If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it." This is your FACE! you will never get another one.
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Merry, stay Merry and listen to your husband. Go and look at my pictures and tell me if you would like to walk around with people asking what happened to you? The pain behind my ears, sleepless nights, I could turn one way and be cat woman and turn the other way and be old sag woman. Not to mention the additional wrinkles made by my LSL. Don't do it! Best to you, Chrystal Eckes.
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I'm not employed by LSL. Doing the lift without anesthesia is actually less dangerous. And by the way, there are other doctors in private practice doing their facelift procedures now without anesthesia. Same thing with lipo, it used to be that lipo-suction was always done under general anesthesia and now many doctors are doing it using local anesthesia. It is more likely that someone with a complaint will report it on a blog like this. Usually if someone is happy with a product or a procedure they won't take the time to say so. And again, I'll post my before and after pictures once my sister emails them to me. She's not computer literate and has to find some one to get them off her camera for her. than
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