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I Had Both Thermage/Botox Done - Hoping to Maintain my Look

Thermage: I had thermage done about 4 years ago. ...

Thermage: I had thermage done about 4 years ago. Did I see results? Minimal so I went back to the doctor for my four month follow-up and viewed the before/after pics and there were "suble" changes. I did not see "dramatic" results - but when I viewed my photos it was visible that thermage "helped" - it's not a wonder treatment - I think this procedure is good on women in their 30s early 40s looking to appear "refreshed" - I would not go into the treament with "high expectations" because you will be disappointed.

Read up on the procedure thoroughly - the message boards are very very discouraging - why? Thermage is for a very small group of people who have a thin face and are in the very early stages of wrinkles/skin sagging - very very early stages. Your doctor has to be the one to tell you if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Themage pretty much makes you looked "well rested" - if you expect anymore than that you need to look into a facelift. It's it's expensive ($1500) and hurts like hell.

Yesterday (7/28/09) I had my second thermage procedure done (after 4 years) from midface to neck. Let me tell you even though they used a topical gel, 2 percocets and 1 lorazapam for anxiety (spelled incorrect, I am sure) I felt every bit of pain. Especially once the doctor started working on my lower chin area. No pain, no gain is the way I look at it - the higher the settings, the better the results. If you are one that cannot tolerate pain and when I say pain I am talking pain that is moreso "untolerable" than don't even bother because the doctor will have to use a lower setting to accommodate your pain level and you most likely will not see any results.

Anyhow...after my procedure I had botox injected around my crows feet and forhead (botox is like gold to me - I love it - it's the wonder youth drug with immediate results). The total cost of thermage/botox came to $1870 and mind you that was after my $75.00 discount for botox and 10% discount for thermage - which was like $150 so without all the discounts it would have ran well over $2000.

As for my results on the procedure I had done yesterday - I look "rested" and during the course of the next few months I should be able to see some additional differences but nothing dramatic. Only after reviewing the before/after pics will I be able to determine if I got my money's worth this time around.

There's no other procedure other than surgical and I am not ready for that - I am only 41 and trying to maintain my skin elasticity/wrinkles - so I feel between thermage/botox and restalyn (had that done around the nostril area back in Feb - fabulous stuff - immediate results - love it). I think I will be able to maintain my present look (no...not look 20 years younger) for the meantime.

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Hi Tawktame, your recommandation of Thermage for small faces is very risky, because it becomes still diminishes. Who wants to look ill? This is our result. And my wife had a small face and now needs a lot of filler - I too. But we never will reach our good condition before Thermage. So Botox seems so be often a better and much cheaper alternative.
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