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I Am Concerned About Late Side Effect (Left Eyelid Drooping) of Dysport Injection - Ft.Lauderdale, FL

Hello. Two weeks ago I had Dysport injection on my...

Hello. Two weeks ago I had Dysport injection on my forehead and eyes ares. the day after theinjection I had some headache and drooping eyelids and soon recovered from the side effects.

Two days ago I noticed that my left eyelid drooped again. The right eyelid is fine. I am very concern since this is the third time I have this type of treatment in intervals of 6 months and never had side effects before. However, my other 2 treatment were done with botox.

Is it possible that th is a late side effect of the dysport? How can Itake care of this problem. I discussed about ths problem wit my surgeon ver the phone since he is out of town, and made an appointment to see him on Monday. I am really concerned about it :-(...

Amanda, I think I have been a bit too passive. The pharmaceutical company has had plenty of time and research money to make this drug safe and useful to the public. I will back you and any lawsuit you deem suitable.
Sorry Amanda, I find it hard to jump on board, as the medical spa I went to had me sign a lengthy waiver about the side affects. I feel foolish as I bought Dysport as an online special and did not check any credentials of the staff. I think the most proactive thing I can do now is to warn all others to not consider using dysport!!
Let me add to that, after reading other comments... in photographs SINCE the Dysport, I haven't even looked like myself. My smile, cheeks and eyes all look weird, as if it's not even me. I've commented to friends that I look very pretty in photos from last year, but every pic since the injection makes me look 10 years old, and as if I was in some sort of accident or had a stroke.

I just had my AHA! moment in reading other comments. I had been thinking maybe it was stress or being tired, but now I realize it's from the Dysport.

I'm going to repeat the thought that a class action lawsuit is in order here. This stuff is dangerous and should be taken off the market. If Big Tobacco can be held accountable for lung cancer (when people CHOOSE to smoke), then the Pharmaceuticals should be held liable for this.
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