How to Get Rid of Hypopigmentation After Dermabrasion - Ontario, Canada

Pros: Not Worth it Cons: Very Painful Asian...

Pros: Not Worth it
Cons: Very Painful

Asian with dark skin had dermabrasion 7 months ago, no improvement at all. I wish that i didn't have the procedure. I blame myself for not doing enough research about the side effects.

Please help. My new skin is too white, it doesn't blend in with the old skin. I felt so terrible to go out in public because people would notice right away.

I would like to know if i should wait 2 years to see the end results or should get out under the sun everyday for 5 minutes now to get the pigments back. It's summer right now. If it's ok to go out under the sun, then should i use the sun block lotion because someone told me that the sun block lotion would prevent the cells to repigment the skin? If i have to avoid the sun totally then should i use the microdermabrasion to remove the top layers of skin to activate the new cells to bring back the pigments? Really appreciate your help alot.


I agree that a dermabrasion is not worth it. I had my procedure done 24 years ago to smooth out acne scars. My skin has never returned to its former color. It's whiter than my the lower part of my neck. It looks like I had a head transplant. I am very self-conscious about it. I am a man and it looks like I had a face lift or worse that I tried to hang myself because of the distinct line on my neck on both sides where the new skin meets the old skin. I have to wear high color shirts. T-shirts are the worse. Going to the beach is a problem. I am now looking into micropigmentation to erase the line around my neck so it will blend into my old skin. While my acne scars are gone, I have very mixed feeling about it. I just traded a teenage problem for a whole adulthood problem.
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Thanks for sharing. I'm 22 years old and was planning to have a dermabrasion. My doctor suggested that I have microdermabrasion instead since the scars are not that deep, she also noticed that my skin is very sensitive that the treatment might effect to hyperpigmentation. I really want to get rid of these scars so I planned to look for another dermatologist offering the said treatment. I was browsing through I got to your post and realized that I might be exchanging these scars for something worse. I'll just drink collagen capsules, I think that's safer. It might take time but at least there won't be side effects. Thank you.
Good decision. Dermabrasion lasts a lifetime, which is only good if the results are good. You have to be a perfect candidate...
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Asian with dark skin please be careful with dermabrasion because it may give hyperpigmentation or worst hypopigmentation.

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