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Dysport in Forehead & 11's - Now I Have One Droopy Eyelid

I have had Botox once before with pretty good...

I have had Botox once before with pretty good results on the forehead & 11's and it also gave a nice little lift to my eyes.

I received Dysport 2 weeks ago and now I have one droopy eyelid! Ir looks horrible. My forehead & 11's are not smoother than when I used Botox, so I will have to say I like Botox much better. NOW how do I get rid of my droopy eyelid. I can feel that it is very heavy & have a hard time trying to open the eye all the way; the eyelid also seems swollen with a thicker appearance than my other eyelid. HELP!!!!

I have read most of the comments and personal stories about Dysport droopy eye and have benefitted from everyone's experience so I wanted to share my story. I had never done Botox or Dysport but saw a Groupon for a great price and went for it. I originally chose Botox but they had a rebate for Dysport so I took it. I get the sense that doctors are pushing Dysport with reduced costs which now makes me a bit suspicious. I had the Dysport injection between the eyebrows 12 days ago. By day 2, I noticed a very big improvement with frown lines and I was happy because it looked natural. On day 4, I woke up with puffy eyes, bags under eyes, and a right eye droop. As soon as I googled it I knew it was the Dysport. I went back to the doctor who explained it was just bad luck. He suggested I start with Opcon-A drops to activate the parasympathetic nerve in the eye. He acknowledged those drops don't always work (they didn't) and then prescribed Iopidine drops which I started using on day 7. After using the drops for 6 days I noticed the first improvement and now after 7 days on the drops I notice a good improvement. My eye is still not right and those who know me notice it but I no longer look deformed and i don't think it is noticeable to strangers on the street. I share this because even though this situation is horrifying, not to mention disappointing, it is possible to have a reasonably fast improvement. I consulted with a different plastic surgeon who said resolution of droopy eye is 2/3 weeks to 3 months - he had never seen effects lasting as long as the 6-12 months of other people's experiences. One thing the 2nd doctor said is that if you have a propensity for a droopy eye, you could be more susceptible. I do have a very small right droopy eye to start (I notice it but even my mother did not; it's the kind of thing no one notices until you point it out to them). Anyway, if you have any degree of a droopy eye, it makes sense you could be at greater risk. I still don't know if I will do injections again. I still don't know how long it will take for me to get back to normal. I do know it could be worse and I am grateful that after 9 days of droopy eye I am seeing improvement. The hard part for me was telling people I had a vague infection/allergy since I wasn't going to tell most people it was Dysport. Anyway, best wishes to everyone out there with droopy eye experiences. I share your pain.
OMG what a hot mess! My story is very much the same got a great deal on Dysport 250 for 50 units...so i hesitated becouse ive had botox before and loved it . Also Dr Ozz said if its too good to be true it is a red flag....anyways after 5days of my dysport i got a very bad sinus infection and got anibiotics...my Dr and pharmasists were alarmed at the look of my eye..they told me to put heat on my right eye. well i'm done with the 10 day antibiotic and heat on my eyelid and my eye looks very small and i look like a stroke patient!!!! Im soo sad !! any ways... I googled dysport and sure enough Im convinced its dysport! I called in for eye drops but $85 for them ...LOVE BOTOX STAY AWAY FROM DYSPORT....... best of luck to all you out there. stay beautifu!!!!

I've used botox for 8 years now...I tried dysport last week only to end up with a droopy right eye..$825.00 for this,is crazy! I've read that it could be poor placement? Not happy...

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I was happy with the Botox injections she provided prior to the Dysport.

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