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Horrible Thigh Lift Scarring

I had an inner thigh lift for sagging skin. I had...

I had an inner thigh lift for sagging skin. I had a severe reaction to the surgical stitches that were used causing a lot of difficulty. I now have an ugly scar that droops down and is very visible in a bathing suit.

Is there a revision that can be done to reverse the scarring or what is recommended.

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I was under the impression that cosmetic surgery was to improve your appearance. The thigh lift I had has made me more self conscious and ugly scarring can be seen when wearing a bathing suit.

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I recently had an inner thigh lift in Charleston and not happy. The very top of my inner thigh is bulging huge on one leg, and the other is bulgy a little too.
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You can have a scar revision. They cut the old scar away and pretty much replace it...I had to do that on my tummy tuck scar....ou

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I am from Charleston as well. Can I ask you how did the surgery for you? I m with Dr. Harvey and consider this surgery with him.
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I live in your area and am considering a thigh lift. Have you learned any new info that could help you or have you been able to get the problem "repaired". I don't think there are too many Dr's in our area and now I am hesitant for sure!
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