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Radiesse for Facial Aging - Need Help on with an Antidote!

After having a baby and feeling older and my face...

After having a baby and feeling older and my face starting to show signs of aging i decided to think about having facial radiesse after being advised that that was what i needed. I look like the JOKER out of batman with my mouth and my eyes look like ive just done 10 rounds with MIKE TYSON.

Has anyone else ever had a serious reaction to radiesse!! Help!!!
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i did not receive after-care treatment,thought i would just go away, i will not. The more people knowabout this botched product the better in my eyes, what i have left of them that is. I wish i could post a pic of myself on here but that you make you physically Sick.

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Please, provide the name of the practitioner. Thank you.
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Hi there Amy here again. After returning to the doc for a second time (the first him saying that the problem maybe due to an allergy i had with orange juice when i was 2 years old, CAN U BELIEVE THAT )he gave me some steroids and anti allergy tablets which i was already taking anyway with my sister being a nurse and had already advised me. I went home and the swelling under my eyes were all full of water, was worried incase they burst as might scar i was told.After 10 days all sweling had gone and stated to look like me again. The doctor gave me a full refund after he only offered me half the amount firstly, me arguing the point that i did not have half a procedure done. It has left me now with 2 big lumps either sides of my lips, as i run my fingers over my cheeks i can see and feel 2 big humps. Hate it, am seeking a solicitor, did not seek compensation incase i get permanent problems just full refund, solicitor advised that i need to wait a few weeks to see the aftermath and then decide what to do. Would never have this treatment done again and would never advise anyone else to ever think about it. I have loads of pics for future reference if anyone wants to see a horror movie.Im 98% sure it was radiesse, thats wat the doc said he was using and i researched this doc for weeks on the internet, he has even been on the television and worked in california etc.Dont think about it, its not worth it honest. thanks, amy.
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How many vials did he use. I might do 1/2 vial in each cheek. very scarey what happened to you. I hope you are feeling better now!!
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Hi Amy I think my mom is having the same problem as we speak. her face is swollen and deformed. No one knows how to treat it. Could you send me somepicts of your case to my email adress? Maybe you could advice me a bit further. Thank you so much!
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The *product* is not "botched." You treatment may have been, though. The pictures are very concerning. If I saw a patient with this result, I'd be worried about the possibility of infection, organized hematoma, and/or granuloma formation. These require medical intervention. If you've lost faith in the doc who performed this procedure, seek consultation with another one. Lastly, are you sure they really used Radiesse? Good luck, --DCP
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Hi there, thankyou for your concern and writing back to me. Im sure this doctor used Radiesse, i had had botox in my forehead 2 weeks before which i found amazing, went back to this doctor for tear trough area to be filled and lines around mouth (radiesse),,,to be filled out.Both areas as you could see in pic blew up, my brother did not reconise me and my 4 month old baby screamed when i went into her bedroom to pick her up in the morning. That did break my heart to be fair but thankfully it has all gone now just left with 2 side lumps on my face and im sure it has migrated around my face too as i swear i could feel it moving around my face. Doctor said it was my imagination, i was rather annoyed with him and was not polite back.He offered me a complete refund which i accepted but not after him trying to pay me back half off the £950.00 i had paid. I told him i had not had half a treatment so that was not fair.Been advised by a olicitor that i need to wait a few weeks to see if i get any further problems and then decide what to do about taking this further. Thankyou for your time. Amy.
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Oh my god! That is terrible. Have you been back to the injector? What did he or she say to you? I feel horrible for you. Keep us updated!
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Hi Amy,

Here are some post-Radiesse questions that might help:

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