Happy with Open/in the Hair Line Brow Lift

Pros--natural result; better lift than botox; open...

pros--natural result; better lift than botox; open procedure lowered high hairline for better proportions to the face. the hairline incision was causing me much anxiety pre surgery but really pleased and how thin the scar is and see it diappearing already!

Cons--not known at this time (not expecting many) but wasn't prepared for such bruising and swelling under eyes, lower face and neck.

I decided to get this done as after 5 years of using botox every 3 months to address lowered brow and slight ptosis on one side I wanted a more "permanent" solution. Had an upper bleth 2 years ago and going for incremental facial rejuvenation.

The pre-surgery consultation I got from the real self network from the surgeons was greatly helpful and put my mind at ease.

Looking for the best tips for bruising under the eyes cover up--10 days post op. I need to back to work in a week. Overall, very happy w. the open browlift and the natural results, minimal pain. what products have worked for patients to cover the bruises? I've been in hiding for 10 days and need to join the human race in a week.
I'm very glad i went w. this approach as it def made my hairline lower and the scar healed nicely. Within in 2 weeks i was back to work w. some good camo makeup My doctor did an abrasion type treatment on the scar 2 weeks after and scar isn't really visibly at all and I pull my hair back. I really look awful in bangs so it was important that the scar heal.

I have to say I'm still getting a touch of botox here and there but not to raise the brows which would give me a sorta strange Joker type look. but to keep the wrinkles at bay on forehead and a bit around the crows feet. I would recommend you pick a well known surgeon who does this type of procedure. Feel free to ask any other questions! I love this network.
Wow thanks for the info. I did have a consult with a surgeon who said that he uses a corrugated suture which makes it less visible. But another doc said that you lose the natural hairline - he compared it to walking into the forest suddenly the trees are thick instead of starting sparsely. Do you notice a difference in your hairline? does your hair grow differently now? And may I ask how old you are?

My experience with Botox in the forehead is that it doesn't raise the brows, it always lowers them. I use it because I have a lot of forehead wrinkles.

Thanks so much.
I'm curious how your scar is now 2 years post-op. I too have a high forehead and a low brow. Botox in my forehead makes me look like one of the Munsters. Am considering the same procedure you did to lift the brow and lower the hairline, but some doctors warn that I will always have a visible scar at the hairline and that the hairline doesn't look natural because there is no gradation of the hair after surgery. How do you like yours now?
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

meticulous surgeon w. great bed-side who does much pre-consultations, post up follow up. very into natural results and the necessary detail that facial surgery requires. only does the face. has surgical suite w. considerate and talented staff. top surgeon in the philly area.

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