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Receding Hairline at 37 - Hair Transplant Best Thing I Ever Did for Myself

I had a receding hair line at the age of 37. I did...

I had a receding hair line at the age of 37. I did not like the idea that I was going bald at such a young age. I would recieve comments from my coworkers about my hairless that would bother me. In addition, my wife never commented about my hair, but she supported me in my decision to seek more hair.

I had three procedures from the same doctor who gave me personal attention and care.

I would recommend hair transplants to anyone in my situation who felt like I did. The key is to find the right doctor who his superior surgical skills, but at the same time has the creativity to deliver results that are natural.

I am now 50 years age and I look and feel great.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

My medical doctor's care went above and beyond my expectations. His attention to my needs and concerns were addressed immediateley. I was well informed and prepared for each surgery. The nicest part of the experience was that my doctor showed personal interest in my recovery. His follow up was exceptional. He called me the next day to see how I felt and he also gave me his personal cell phone number. He called me later in the week to check in with me to see how I was doing. He is excellent in follow up. It was nice to have a doctor who cares.

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Fue Hair Transplantation is a surgical technique that involves moving skin containing hair follicles from one part of the body (the donor site) to bald or balding parts (the recipient site). It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness, whereby grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding are transplanted to bald scalp.
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i have had two surgeries by someone that only does that (do NOT go to someone who does alot of other cosmetic surgeries, breasts etc) if you paid 14k you got grossly overpriced. It does work and really shouldnt be based on speculation, but fact since its merely transplanted from the back of your head to the front or crown. I would never go anywhere but Los Angeles, or possibly NY to get the docs who only do this and are known to handle celebrities. I have had no issues and it grew in naturally. You should continue to take propecia as well.
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Again with the "overpriced"?? How do you have any clue what kind of pricing he got? You have no idea how many grafts or what kind of procedure he had. That's like telling someone that they got ripped off for paying $20 to have their lawn mowed, without you having any idea how big their yard is. For all you know it could be a 20 acre estate and they got the cheapest lawn service known to man.
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I used Scotts turfbuilder with tremendous results,i grew all of my hair back in three weeks.
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I went to the Capri Clinic in Bristol PA and my hair transplant did not look natural. Their staff was dishonest and they did not want to correct it. Thanks for the tip on Dr. Katch. I spent about $5,000 at Capri and basically wasted my money.
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Very true, this place is a scam. The transplanted hairs are going in the wrong direction. They do not care about the patients once they have received the money.
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I paid over $8,000 (each)for 2 procedures and still have thin hair, especially at the crown and along the sides. I am female, have diffuse thinning all over. I guess the $14,000 is worth it if YOU are happy with the results. That's what really counts. I spent more and still am unsatisfied with how my hair looks. It is frustrating to have spent so much money and still be unhappy about the hair.
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I grew up in Warrington and live down in South Jersey now. Do you have any pictures or your results? I'm just starting to look into this process and you seem like you are very happy with your results and the surgeon is right across the bridge from me. This seems like a great fit.
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You paid $14,500? omg that's overpriced! Hair Transplant doctors in NYC can do better job and reasonable rates.
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What are the names of these doctors you are talking about in NYC? This gentleman never said how many graphs he got in each session so you can't really say that it's overpriced just yet. From everything I've heard it can be anywhere from 4-8 dollars a graph and usually you get around 1000 at a clip.
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Ridiculous comment. You have no idea how many grafts he had, and no idea what kind of procedure he had. He could have had 6000 grafts, which would mean he paid less than $2.50 per graft, which would be insanely cheap. But more than likely he had 2000-3000 grafts and paid $5-$6 per graft (totally guessing).

Another thing you apparently don't understand is that pricing can vary drastically depending on the type of procedure and the skill of the surgeon. "Chop shops" like Bosley who do low quality strip procedures can go as low as $3 per graft. Whereas the nation's top specialists performing FUE procedures can get anywhere from $7 to $10 per graft. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for (with exceptions of course).

Some people spend $60,000 on a transplant, but even then it doesn't mean they are paying too much, it just means they were very bald and needed 10,000+ grafts.
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