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Just Had IPL for Broken Capillaries/redness on Face. So Far, So Good.

I just had IPL form a derm to reduce broken...

I just had IPL form a derm to reduce broken capillaries and redness from sun damage/rosacea. It did hurt a bit. It felt like a tiny needle prick each time. The nose are was very sensitive. Might be worth the anesthesia if you are sensitive to pain.

It burned afterward for about 3 hours and looked like a bad sunburn. I applied ice pack to my cheeks off and on for first day. I slathered on Aloe Vera gel too. Second day now and I still have swelling and redness in some areas. Face feels like leather where treatment was. I also see some veins that are worse than before. I hope these go away after a few days.

I would never do this and try to go back to work. I think you need to have a few days off unless you don't care how you look to others.

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Dr Jones at Greensboro Dermatology

My doctor has been doing this for 10 years.

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That's a great improvement. I wish I could get my mother to do this, she has broken capilliaries which she hates.

I have her skin, esp the redness aroudn the nostrils, but have had great results from IPL. I wish I'd known about it long ago.
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I had my first treatment this morning. I also noticed very bright red flashes. I asked the technician if this normal and she yes that was fine. I could also feel some heat into the eye area which concerned me so she put an additional cool towel over my eyes...this stopped the heat sensation. I am also concerned about any possible affect on the eyes. If anyone has any information about the eyes I would be very pleased to hear it before going back for a second treatment.
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They should have had you wear "goggles" or protective eye-wear to seal the eyes while doing this.
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for anyone who has had IPL did you see red flashes during treatment? I recently had a treatment and although was wearing protective eye wear saw bright red flashes(I honestly don't remember if my eyes were open or closed) it happened so fast, but am concerned that this could effect my eyes or cause permanent damage or if seeing the light is normal due to the intensity.
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Now I am on day 5. I found I had 3 areas that turned very bloody and oozing. 2 in fold of nose and 1 on chin. Then I have that nasty bluish vein on cheek that came up. I think all are subsiding, but those oozing areas are just gross. It must be where doc used too intense of pulse and burned me. One bad thing was he didn't tell me ANYTHING to expect. Said I'd be fine and beautiful in a day. That was bad doctoring in my opinion. All I learned, I learned on my own. I did find a great moisturizer called CeraVe (at CVS/Walgreens)It has helped my skin soooo much! I put it on the paces he used laser and it holds moisture great. I also use Cetaphil to wash. Read all this online.
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Hi, I had IPL over two months ago and had the same issues with my nose...has yours healed? I feel like mine never will, but it gets a bit better every day. I think the nose is a very sensitive area and takes longer to heal.I use Cerave too and I agree, it's awesome. I wouldn't use Cetaphil though as it's very drying. I have sensitive skin that reddens easily too and the only cleanser that doens't irritate is Aveeno calming cleanser. My facialist advised me to stop using cetaphil because it has some drying chemicals in it. Good luck!
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Yes, my face and nose has healed! Finally. Took about 2 weeks. I really am satisfied with my results. Now I want more since he only did my worst areas. Just a little hesitant to keep going with it. Thanks for info on Cetaphil! Who knew?!?! I don't like that cleanser anyway as it is all chemicals and doesn't seem to want to wash off very good. thanks!
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