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Pearl Laser for Acne Scars, Pigmentation, Pores, Fine Lines

First, I must say that I am VERY surprised to see...

First, I must say that I am VERY surprised to see that some people have paid soooo much money for one session. And here I thought that $250 a session (in Southern CA) was expensive.

The esthetician (who is an RN) said I would need 2-3 treatments, repeated every 3-4 weeks. My total cost will be $750 for 3 sessions.

The biggest con is that I had dark lines and some honeycomb shapes across my entire face for 3 days. I didn’t begin peeling until the 3rd day and was worried that I would not be completely peeled by the 5th day, when I was returning to work. Most of the scabbing (that's what it looked like and felt like) came off by the 4 day, late at night. I had minimal peeling left, mostly on my forehead, by the 5th day.

The biggest pro, has been the results. I am 35 and although people tell me I look younger, I am not happy with my skin's hyperpigmentation, pore size, acne scars, and fine lines around my eyes. I saw improvement on the 5th day and 2.5 weeks after the procedure, I still continue to see improvements. Maybe this is due to increased collagen production?

As to the pain, maybe I'm a big baby. I thought the pain was between 8-9. Maybe because this was my first abrassive treatment?

JW Rhee Wellness Clinic, 1895 Orange Tree Lane, Suite 201, (909) 709-7638

Based on price and results!!

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Hi Ice,

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Hope this helps!

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I used Aquaphor (same consistency as Vaseline) to keep my face moist and that helped with the itching. My experience was that I saw improvement as soon as the scabbing came off and continued to see improvement over the next 2-3 weeks.
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hello A in So Cal.... I believe they edited the info of the clinic you had the procedure done. I'm def considering this procedure... i'm 38 and have issues w/the size of my pores and some fine wrinkles... like you I'm told I look younger but want to slow down the clock... thank you, if possible please email me the info... thanks in advance!!! Ice
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I had the Pearl Fractional Laser on Wednesday morning. My face is red, crusty/peeling in some places, a bit after I wash with the water/vinegar solution. What do you do for the itching? I took benedryl tabs last night which made me sleepy. My skin that is peeking through the redness looks the same, will I see results in time when the collagen is stimulated?
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Since at least one person has had difficulty finding the clinic, here is the info: {Edited}. They do free consultations. I had my second Pearl laser treatment approximately 5 weeks after the first. Again I went in on a Thursday morning. Staci cleaned my face and this time she first used a laser she said was intended to boost collagen production. The laser simply felt warm and it was not at all painful. Sorry, don’t know the name, type, or any other info as to that laser. Then she did the Pearl laser. She did my entire face and that took approximately 25-30 minutes. This time it wasn’t as painful as the first time, maybe between 7-8. Also, my face wasn’t as red after the procedure. By late Friday, the redness began to turn brown as the treated skin began to scab. The scabbing wasn’t as thick as the first time and this time my forehead and nose just barely peeled. I don’t know if she used a lower setting as I talked to her about some of the really bad experiences I read about on this message board. Staci did say that the Pearl has MANY settings and many providers charge a hefty price for a one-time high dose. She said that she prefers to charge less and do multiple sessions to evaluate the skin in between and to greatly diminish the possibility of causing irreversible scaring. My pores have decreased a little bit more, but I still am not satisfied. Staci said she will do my nose 4 weeks post for no charge. Benefits: My face is definitely more even toned, smoother, and it glows. I also get compliments on my skin even when I’m not wearing makeup. I had very few acne scars (indentations on the face) and those improved a whole lot. I still have brown spots, which Staci said will be treated with a bleaching cream. Given that my skin did not peel as much as the first time, I will likely not invest another $250 for a third procedure. Staci said that there is also a limonite pearl that may address my brown spots quicker than a bleaching cream. If I go through with that procedure, I’ll post an update.

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i had a microdermabrasion in 2004,that left my face scarred with lines and holes, i don not recommend that at all, Beware
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I am a registered nurse and had the Pearl Fractional laser done hoping to have improved skin texture and reduction of hyper-pigmentation. Well I was in for a horrible disappointment. I am now 6 months post op trying to deal with the way my face looks. I have been left with the laser holes all over my face, they do not heal.... ever. despite what your physician will tell you the holes will possibly lessen over the 6 months but they will never be gone completely. So I have a full face of pores (or so it looks like) Also, my entire face is angry, and red. I am fighting constant breakouts, hyper-pigmentation, and an overall blotchy appearance. If anyone wants to talk about their problems I would love to get in touch... it makes you feel so alone in your misery to have these problems.
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My laser specialist is going to give me a free microdermabrasion and laser genesis to deal with the holes. I know how you feel. I am pretty annoyed to have these "pores" on my face. I hope the extra treatment helps.
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Hi i am experiencing the same after effects as you describe fro the faxel re:pair i had 3-16 the horrible,left these holes all over my skin also. I have been using retin a at night vit c during day, I also have tried the Kinerase Pro- therapy advanced radiance home facial peels, they do improve the texture somewhat,they do make you feel better. Next week i am going to get a Sciton MicroLaser Peel & pray that will help, i had those a few years ago,they really improve the skintexture. What have you been doing to try and improve your texture? The plastic surgeron wnat me to come back ,he might be want to do a lighter fraxel on me ,no piercingholes in the skin,i already paid him $4000.00 for the re:pair,this would cost $900.00,i do not think i will go back to him,i think he was to aggressive on me. Pleae tell me how you are doing,there must be a way we can improve our skin.Hope to hear from you Jane
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Did you receive a free consultation. I am reluctant to making that initial jump. What was the name of the facility..Wellness Center in Redlands. Google gives the name of a chiropractor?
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I am having a procedure done at this same clinic. The name is J.W Rhee Wellness Clinics. 909-335-1160. Consult is free of charge
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What are your acne scars like? I am 21 and I am booked into get the pearl and on the acne scars the pearl fractional laser. Over in Australia its costing me $3,000. Can you let me know, I havent actually seen someone post about the pearl yet. Thanks
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