Glycolic Peel Left Me with More Swelling Than Was Expected

I had a glycolic peel (40%) (3 passes then...

I had a glycolic peel (40%) (3 passes then neutralized) by a nurse/esthetician. On the day of the peel I began taking Valtrex 500 mg twice a day. However, less than 48 hours later, my face become seriously swollen especially around the eye area. I followed up with a dermatologist who prescribed Prednisone, a Z-Pac and a tropical creme.

At first he discussed herpes but seemed to think that because I had taken Valtrex that what I had was probably a chemical burn. I am curious as to what you think.

My questions is: is a 40% glycolic peel (3 passes) considered a light, medium or advanced peel? What is the scarring potential?


I had a 30 percent TCA peel by a plastic surgeon,,to make a long story short,,I ended up in the hospital for five days. I had to have an IV of a VERY STRONG antibiotic.. My face looked like a swollen monster. this was back in 1990, after the second day I went back to the Dr., with what looked like pimples, filled with fluid,,a low grade fever, feeling rotten,,he said "oh, you have a touch of the flu" and sent me home....Three days later I was in the ER...Tests came back that I had yeast infection on my face, in my mouth, my throat was starting to swell ! The Dr. Actually had the nerve to get an attitude with me and said you are about one in a million it happens to...Looking back, he was an idiot, although Board Certified. I am now 65 yr.old. I have some scaring on my chin area, but, I do look much younger, my skin healed and I have virtually no wrinkles. would I ever do it again ?? NO WAY...IT WAS A NIGHTMARE ! I WOULD RATHER HAVE A TON OF WRINKLES THAN LOOK LIKE A SWOLLEN FACE MONSTER ! THAT IS MY STORY FROM YEARS AGO !!
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It looks like TCA applied to your face. I used Glycolic, TCA for bothe face and body and I never experience that kind of swelling...unless if your doctor used more than 30% TCA. Drink lots of water. Eating pineapple helps too, apply emu oils, hydrocort creams.
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Hello Queen of everything, just wanted to comment on your post in response to Natadaus, she was correct, well for the most part, about around 90- 99% of people have herpes it's called HSV1 which is the cold sore virus. Most people don't know they have it and that's why when asked they say NO. I'm not a doctor but I had to do research on it in my health class and was shocked to find that out....
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I think a test should be done prior to any skin procedure just as one would do if they were changing their hair color.

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