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I Look Younger After a Series of Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion.

I am in the midst of a series of six chemical...

I am in the midst of a series of six chemical peels with microdermabrasion and have had fantastic results (the cost I posted is for all six combined, they are $125 each with no charge for the sixth).

I originally went to take care of brown spots under my eyes caused by the sun and tanning in tanning beds. I did not see a big difference after the first session. That session was pain free, I felt some tingling. Because I did well with the first session, we stepped up the percentage of the peel in my second session (went from 40% to 70%). In my second session, there was a lot of burning. Nothing terrible, but I could definitely feel it. My face was very red when I left and I had scabs the next day that lasted for several days. I was a bit nervous to return but I am so glad I did.

My third and fourth sessions, the 40 and 70% were mixed and she didn't leave it on for long. In my third session, I lost at least five years off my forehead. It was a couple days after the peel and microdermabrasion that I noticed how fantastic my forehead looked. I also noticed my skin color started to really even out, as I have always had red patches on my cheeks. After my fourth session, I noticed the brown spots are hardly visible anymore.

I'm having my fifth treatment tomorrow and I cannot wait. My 20 year high school reunion is in two weeks and I feel great!

I went to get rid of the sun spots and have gotten much more than I thought I was paying for. My skin is smoother and prettier and younger. She told me that after my series of six, I can come in once or twice a year to maintain my skin. I am very happy with my results!

Ann Stratton

I am extremely pleased with my results so far. She listens to me and organizes my treatments accordingly.

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I live in Milwaukee. This site says your doctor is Ann Stratton. Sounds like she does a great job and is careful to minimize down time. I want to have this done but cannot take a week off of work each month. Can you tell me the name of her clinic in Peoria?
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itried to search for Ann Stratton in Peoria,IL but came up with nothing if anyone has any info on her could you please pass it on thanks
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reading your review has given me hope i suffer from acne and uneven skin do u know if the Dr. that treated you is still practicing if so can you please tell me how to locate her
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How long do you wait before you have another peel, and how bad is your appearance? How long does it take before you can go out without people noticing the peeling? Did you have dermabrasion as well and was your skin much more tender after this?
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I went in once a month for six months. She said I should wait at least 3 weeks between each peel. The second time I went, I had a few scabs crop up over the next couple days that lasted about a week. It covered with make up but it looked like scabs covered with make up. The last couple treatments I had a few very small areas (maybe the size of a pin head) that scabbed, but they weren't noticable. It just looked like dry skin for a couple of days. I had the dermabrasion each time, as well. The only time my skin was tender was during the treatment. It feels like your skin is being rubbed with a small peice of sandpaper. It's not horrible but you can definately feel it. Afterward, I was not sore or tender. I felt a little raw for a few hours, but I wasn't afraid to put on make up or wash my face or take a hot shower. I have seen the pics on this website of people who had really strong chemical peels and I don't think I would want one of those. I liked streching it out over six months. I am still very happy with the results. In fact, I kind of miss going every month.
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Did you ever feel redness on your skin ma'm ?????
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Glycolic. Sorry if that's spelled wrong. :)
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What chemical was used for the peel? Thank you.
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