Lost 140lb with Gastric Bypass. Need Help with Excess Skin

I had gastric bypass and i have lost 140 lbs. but...

i had gastric bypass and i have lost 140 lbs. but i still feel fat b/c of excess skin. my belly still hangs over my jeans and i still can't wear skirts and shorts b/c of my knees and thighs.

i no longer have insurance and i cant afford the surgeries i need. i hate feeling like i went thru all the pain and changes for nothing. its a daily mental struggle for me. any suggestions anyone.

is there any financial assistance to remove excess skin after a gastric bypass?
To lie to the insurance company so that they cover cosmetic surgery is fraud, wheather it is commited by the doctor or patient or both.
Dr. Shureih,before you judge HVA, you should stop and think before you make such comments. As having been someone who has had gbs and having lost 115 lbs so far, I believe that anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight does actually suffer from issues that HVA talked about. I am VERY HAPPY for her and I can only imagine not only a healthier life but also an emotionally lifting experience. Those two alone speak of what she has came through and I applause her courage to make the decision to prolong her life. I wouldn't want anyone jumping to conclusions about you or anyone else.
My reconstruction was paid for in full by insurance. You have to find the right surgeon that can use a medical reason to get it paid for..they were told that my ab skin would eventually cause a hernia so it was paid for..they were told that I would develop rashes and infections under my boobs, back fat and thigh area..also covered 100%..you haven't hit on the right surgeon yet that deals with this and knows how to play the game..when you do..you are in like Flynn..keep looking!
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